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My name is Laura Biddle, and I am completely motivated to inspire you, cheer you on, and remind you of the brilliance that you are.


At Roots for Wings Healing, I  endeavour to assist you in shifting from unconscious, fear-based patterns, to a consciously deep connection with your own Light and Love.

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated and stuck?  Are you repeatedly attracting undesirable situations in your life?  Are you noticing limiting patterns of behaviour, responses, or relationships that seem to cycle through your experiences?  Do you desire to come to a deeper, clearer knowing of who you are or why your life is the way it is?

The truth is, we all carry within us old, outdated stories.  But there is so much power and freedom in bringing these stories to light and letting them go.

Feel free to browse the site for a feel of what I offer in services and support.  You can peruse the Blog for articles, personal anecdotes, confessions, guided meditations, and channeled readings.  The About tab is also a good place to start!

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