Catching a Ride with Neutrality

I drove along the snow and slush covered roads, white knuckling it the three and a half hour drive (one that should have taken two hours, thankyouverymuch).  

My instinct associated gripping the wheel with protection from bodily harm. 

I was tense over my being late, and there being no safe way to speed the process of getting there.  

I loathe being late.  Ask my kids what mornings look like as bus stop time approaches.  My voice tightens like my hamstrings after a 20 km run, and I turn into a female version of Captain von Trapp. 

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Never "Justa"

I remember the jolting feeling of shame I felt as she contemptuously snorted at me.  

It was a short- but very distinctive- exhale through her nose.  Her eyes closed down and her lips curled into what seemed to be an abrupt amused sneer of disdain.  Blink-and-you'd-miss-it.  But miss it, I did not...

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What the Heart Says...

Rory is a vivacious, impactful light who crossed over from the realm of the physical in February 2017.

Rory's story is not mine to tell.  I wasn't blessed to know him while he was incarnated in that tiny little body, behind those sweet (sometimes mischievous), shining brown eyes, animated expressions, and positively contagious giggles.  

So what does this tiny being I've never physically been face to face with have to do with soul growth?  Read on to find out.

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Howler Monkeys, Unwashed Hair, and Judgement

So the morning went like this:  

Wake up, work out, pranayam (fancy word for breathing fancily), meditate.  

Shower.  WASH MY HAIR (which in and of itself should earn me a medal...

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No Amount of Coffee Could Fix This

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, shame takes hold.  So, what are we to do?

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What All Girls "Should" Be

Recently, I was given the message that I was to share a very intimate part of myself here online, on my blog.  I was told, in more ways than one, that it was time to share some of my stories, some of my patterns, and some of the woundings of my past.  When I began to receive these messages, I was horrified.  Surely, I was getting something wrong.  I must have been hearing incorrectly.  Why would Spirit expect me to lay it all out there for anyone to see and judge?  I'd come so far past all of these old ways of being.  I'd let them go.  

Or so I thought.

What good could possibly come from me word-vomitting up my past?  What would be the point?

I tried to deny it.  Ignore it.  But over and over, the signs showed up.  

So, here it is: pieces of my past, pieces of my heart, and the not-so-pretty scars and stories that have wound their way through my existence in this lifetime.

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The Stories We Tell: My Story of My Mum's Death and the Imprint it Left

Arguably one of my most vulnerable and raw posts yet.  Here, I share the story I told myself when, as a young child, my mum passed from this realm.  Karmic imprints are formed all the time.  Here, I share one of mine.

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You Are a Channel

What's it mean to be a channel?  Can anyone do it?...

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Time for (Virtual) Tea: Emotions and Worthiness

My kids have been three of my most potent spiritual teachers.  Kids speak riiiiight to the heart of the matter.  They poke riiiiiiiight at your buttons.  Or maybe I should just speak for myself here!...  

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