Announcing my One Month with (Almost) No Social Media

When does Social Media use become addictive?
When do iPhones go from being handy and useful gadgets to numbing devices?
How do we listen to stillness, tune into intuition, and hear anything non-physical (let alone physical) when we're always plugged into every else's energy?

Welcome to my journey in letting the addictive behaviours go, bringing awareness to the automatic ways of being, and addressing karmic patterns, all through a one-month purge of social media.

From Where I Stand: Pain, Trauma, and Oppression from This White Woman's Perspective

Expressing feelings of grief, being optimistic, encouraging forgiveness... This can all feel precarious at best when you're speaking from a place of power.  It's easy to be misunderstood by those in fear, those tending to very traumatizing wounds.

And so, what is a Lightworker to do?  If you've been called to spread Light but you're not living smack dab in the middle of conflict, do you shut up?  
Read on...

When Facing Fear: A Rally Cry to Lightworkers and Lovers Everywhere

The results of the United States of America Presidential election of 2016 are in.
We're also facing crisis in North Dakota.
Not to mention countless other atrocities and acts of violence and hatred world-wide.

It's very easy to say we're all doomed and throw our hands in the air.
And of course, I can't stop you from doing that.
But let's consider the energy we put into the world we're currently facing.  Let's take some responsibility.  Let's take some action.

One Love.