Feeling stuck?  Blocked?  Needing a release?  Desire to feel empowered?

Roots for Wings endeavours to reconnect you to the Love that you already are, to remind you of your strengths, beauty, and imperfect perfection.  The mission is to uplift humanity from patterns of fear, and back into love.

The Site is Up

And seriously, why would you want to live without chocolate?

And seriously, why would you want to live without chocolate?

Hello, my name is Laura, and I am a recovering Perfectionist. 

The perfectionist side of my ego right now, for example, has some pretty specific choice words around the thought of launching this site without graphics or photos.  How will I capture my potential audience's interest and attention?  What if I look like I don't know what I'm doing?  What if it looks as if I'm only willing to put in the bare minimum?  How will I show my audience how dedicated I am to my work?

These thoughts all stem from fear.  Which is very human.  It's also a very restricting and confining way to live.  Because here is the truth: I can allow that ego the driver's seat, and I can strive for the most glorious and sophisticated website that you've ever seen.  But then it would also likely be the year 2020 before the site was ever launched.  While I was busy perfecting the website and honing my very minimal technological skills, my ego would also be berating me over my imperfect parenting approaches, my imperfect housekeeping, my imperfect workout regime... you get the picture.

An old acting coach of mine once firmly (and lovingly) said, "You know, you're so afraid to fail that you don't make a move.  But you're neglecting to realize that in not moving, you're failing."

I might have paraphrased a little... it's been a few years.

The point is, in attempting to use Perfectionism as a shield to hide our insecurities and flaws behind, we're also hiding all of our brilliance.  We're so worried about being seen as not having it all together, that we forget to share the authentic parts of us that the world needs to experience.  Furthermore, it's in sharing ourselves despite feeling insecure, in stepping forward in the face of fear, that we not only inspire others to do the same, but we also connect on a more intimate level.  Honesty is attractive and welcoming.

So, with that said, welcome to my imperfect website!  

I've attempted to share some information around the work I do and services I offer.  As time goes on, I'll be offering a wider variety of services.  I'll also be blogging to provide some insight into my own life and growth, as well as to share some tips, exercises, and videos that I hope are useful in awakening and expanding the Spirit.

I look forward to connecting and sharing!  It's been a very long time coming for me, and from here I release the need for the "perfect" conditions. 

Sending Light,


Resisting Certainty aka Fast, Raw, and Unedited

Resisting Certainty aka Fast, Raw, and Unedited