Ground Yourself

What does it mean to you to be "Grounded"?  The word gets tossed around a lot, to the point where it can begin to sound like just another one of those New-Age-y terms that loses its meaning or importance.

Grounding yourself means re-connecting your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies to the healing and renewing energies of Mother Earth.  We are- very simply put- made of energy.  We derive our energy from the Earth below, and the Divine above (although I like to think of it as everywhere because there is no place that the Divine isn't- but that is for another post).  We are also constantly interacting, mingling, and therefore very much affected by the energies around us- of those both in and out of physical bodies.  

Grounding is the practice of consciously rooting yourself back into the core of the Earth, bringing the renewable, healing, and revitalizing energy of that core back up into your bodies, and then releasing any stagnant or "polluted" energy you no longer need back down to be transmuted and transformed. 

You can be sure you could benefit from re-grounding when you feel: spacey, constantly in a state of uncontrollable daydreaming, anxious, unbalanced, overwhelmed, stressed, juggling the needs of others versus yourself, fatigued, or otherwise stretched to your limits in any or all directions.  Grounding brings you back doooooooown to Earth.  It is anchoring, revitalizing, and comforting.

In terms of small practices that make a big difference, here are some of the top ways to ground yourself in the day-to-day:

1)  Get Dirty!
Literally.  Go outside and get your hands into the Earth.  Gardening, in the sandbox, at the beach, in the forest on a hike, where ever.  Feel it in your hands and consciously take in the smell of it.  Kids are wonderful reminders to ground in this way!  

2)  Walk Barefoot.
Kick off your shoes and stop thinking about that pedicure.  If you spend a lot of time in high heels, this act can be very therapeutic.  Walk around in the grass, the sand, the mud, even on some patio stones.  Roll your foot from heel all the way to your toes, and as you do so, really feel each part connect down with the Earth beneath you.  Allow it to become a foot massage of sorts.  It's pretty amazing how underused the muscles in our feet become with stifling footwear.  Have you ever seen a toddler run across stones without flinching?  Or kids running gleefully through the grass completely barefoot?  They are on to something.

3)  Earthing.
The delicious process of allowing your body, mind, and soul connect with whatever piece of ground you can find.  Here's another blog post specifically on the beauty of Earthing, written by Raven Magill over at the Alkonost Oracle.

4)  Be a Tree Hugger.
This one may sound especially hippie-dippy, but it's truly healing and magical if you give it a shot.  Allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to a tree, maybe you already have a favourite in your yard, or a park you frequent.  As you approach the tree, tap into the energy it gives off- trees have massive auric fields.  You can converse with the tree internally, if that is something you are comfortable with trying.  Feel and listen to the tree's spirit- they are naturally very healing, grounding, and giving energetic forces- think of what trees do for us just in the ways they provide clean, oxygenated air to breathe.  Sit with your back to the tree's trunk and feel your spine and body connect with it.  Feel the energy exchange between the both of you.  Be sure to thank the tree for its energy and gifts.    

5)  Meditate.
You can meditate specifically to ground yourself back to the Earth.  Imagine yourself sending roots down into the Earth.  These roots are able to pull up the vibrant, renewing energy you need, as well as send back whatever you do not.   Whenever you are feeling the need to access Mother Earth's healing, close your eyes and visualize this practice.  Making this a regular practice can be a useful tool in remaining centred and stable amidst whatever chaos life throws at you.

I will be releasing a recorded version of a guided grounding meditation in the days to follow, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I hope you can get outside and feel the Earth beneath your bare feet.

Sat Nam,