Remember Your Delicious Worth (Yoga Nidra Practice)

Have you tried Yoga Nidra?  

Sometimes called "The Sleep of the Gods," it is a practice that takes you into a state of truly deep relaxation.  In this state, you remain conscious, and your mind is receptive to releasing old, outdated stories.  The release of these stories means the release of pain, tension, anxiety, and blockages which prevent you from accepting and living fully within your power.  

Yoga Nidra provides you with a way to contact both your subconscious and unconscious simultaneously.  You are achieving mental, emotional, and muscular relaxation- something that sleep in and of itself does not achieve.

This particular session is a practice for you to unwind and release any blocks preventing you from remembering your inherent worth.  A tool for you to use when you are looking to release tension, and relax on a truly deep level.  You will open yourself to healing, and come away rejuvenated and re-inspired by your own power and creativity.  This is a half hour practice.

You are worth it.