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(Some) Reasons Why Being a Professional Intuitive Sucks

(Some) Reasons Why Being a Professional Intuitive Sucks

There may or may not be the misconception that being a professional intuitive is easy and seamless.  For the most part, it's true that I really do get excited about my work.  But there are also plenty of what Elizabeth Gilbert calls "Shit Sandwiches" about this work.

Because I am desiring to be really transparent, and because I believe that illuminating the realities of the spiritual/intuitive world is the only way to truly represent it, I give you my:
Reasons Why Being a Professional Intuitive Sucks

1.  We're perceived as being woo-woo or crazy.

Firstly, what the hell is woo-woo, anyhow?!  It's a term people who need concrete evidence for EVERYTHING throw at those of us who like to have a little faith in the unseen or unexplainable.  Let me say something here, folks: the concrete and evidential world of science and facts was not always so.  At one point in time, it was believed that the world was flat.  That was an acceptable thing to think!  In fact, if you believed otherwise, you were considered bat-shit crazy.  Many, many genius inventors, artists and scientists were once called lunatics for putting their faith in what was yet to be proven.  If we never had creative folk who threw themselves into the unknown every so often, we'd all still be living in a cave with our back to the door, staring at shadows on the wall, under the impression that that's all there is.

I've nothing against science.  We need evidence-based science for some things, obviously.  If I am being rushed into a hospital, suffering a life-threatening allergic reaction, I want to be given a life-saving, quick-acting, evidence-based medicine to save my behind.  I don't want my healthcare providers picking a random remedy and throwing all caution to the wind.  No thanks. 

That said, what is wrong with having some faith in that which cannot be completely explained and proven in a physical manner?  What's the matter with a little magic and mystery?

I myself enjoy my connection with the Divine, with Nature, with Magic, with Art.  I believe unapologetically in so much that defies logical, conventional, or science-based explanations.  This does mean that I must accept my occasional label as "woo woo" though, and put up with being laughed at or judged as naive.  Which can hurt.  When I am feeling particularly tender, it takes some extra strength to keep standing in who I am.

It may be worth mentioning that I believe that most of those who define Spirituality as "woo woo," do so out of fear or a repressed wish for that faith.  But maybe that's an article for another time.  

(If you are one who truly enjoys the scientific-based explanations of parts of the spiritual world, allow me to point you in the direction of these articles here, here, and here.  Besides those, there are plenty more on each of the writers' respective blogs.  Sarah Petruno and Amanda Linette Meder have brilliant science backgrounds, and it is incredibly awesome to get a scientific spin on the spiritual every so often!)

2.  It's just a hobby... right?

There seems to be this unsaid expectation that blogging is "for fun."  A little side gig to keep occupied and from being bored while at home with the kids.  You know, a "mommy project."

Your passion should feel fun.  It should fire you up, for the most part.  But if you think stay at home moms are sitting around most days twiddling their thumbs because we don't have enough to do, you're sadly mistaken.  Laundry alone feels like a full time job.

For me, developing my business came from a desire for a creative outlet that also provided me an opportunity to serve others.  It was about creating a space for others to come to to be inspired, comforted, and to perhaps be challenged.  It was about creating a space for me that wasn't about laundry and cleaning up the kitchen and making dinner.

While hobbies are fantastic and healthy, spiritual bloggers and intuitives work hard every day to be taken seriously, to be seen as more than a cute little project.  While this woman is not a professional intuitive, her blog does come to mind.  (This post is good, too).

3. Give it away, give it away, give it away now...

I hear Red Hot Chili Peppers every time I consider this point.  So much so that I couldn't help but reference them in the list.

Intuitive abilities are "God-given," and as such, should be considered a blessed gift and given freely.  At least that seems to be the popular theory.  (I put "God-given" in quotes because I suppose it all depends on how you see it... everyone relates and believes in a higher power in a slightly- or wildly- different way.  I, myself, still have a knee-jerk response to the concept of a man in the clouds).

My point: a lot of folks seem to believe that intuitives shouldn't make money off of the abilities they've been given.

I call bull-poop on this.

Firstly, everyone has intuitive abilities.  Everyone.

Secondly, it costs to share, it costs to give!  Every time a professional writes a blog post, or prepares and gives a reading, channels and records a meditation or e-good, or crafts a social media post, ENERGY is spent.  Connecting to Spirit to be that conduit takes energy, ya'll!  Not to mention funds are spent on web hosting fees, the various programs and tools used to create, schedule, post, share, and send products and goods, training to continue honing my craft, and the technological tools used to record and produce.  I have to heat the space I work from, pay for electricity, and be sure that my internet bills are taken care of.  On the days I choose to send my kids to a daycare so I can do a reading or get some uninterrupted work done, I have to pay for that, too, just as any working parent does.  I have to constantly choose between getting house work done and contributing to my business- and when the latter wins out, then I have to make up for it later energetically to get the former done, too.

If I could help out everyone who wanted it for free, and still meet all of my needs, I would.  But that's not real.  Life consists of give and take.  Energetically, everything is about balance.  So shaming an intuitive for not simply giving away their gifts for free is unfair.  

I desire to contribute to the world in a way that has me feeling fulfilled, not resentful.  

Would you walk into a hair salon and expect the stylist to do your hair for free?  Of course not.  

The reality is, most intuitives are so strongly driven to help because it's in our cellular DNA.  We have patterns of giving to the point of burnout, resentment, and poverty.  This is why I am so excited to be enrolled in Sarah Petruno's From Broke to Baller Healing Program.  I'm working to reverse my patterns and relationship with money so that I can continue to give, but in a healthier and more sustainable way.  If you're a GIVER with a heart longing to serve, but you feel the imbalance of giving to receiving, I highly recommend you check out Sarah's program.

4.  We're expected to have all the answers.

Life is a mystery.  It's meant to be.  And if it weren't, just what would be the point, really?  Would you be happy getting up day after day knowing precisely what was going to happen?  I mean, really?

Some thrive on predictability.  Many fear change and the unknown.  Even more crave control.  And that is all very, very human.

But the truth is, no one has all of the answers, and no one here on this plain of existence ever will.  The vantage point of the Spiritual realms are vastly different from here.

You can ask, beg, plead, and demand of Spirit all you want... but some things aren't for you to know at every single turn in the road.  Sometimes, information is held out until a later point when you're deemed ready to hear it, and sometimes information is held out for you to be surprised.

You're never going to find an intuitive who has all of the answers, all of the time.  And if you do, they're full of it and you should turn and walk away.  Fast.

Lastly, the point of spiritual guidance is to assist you in tapping into your own intuition.  What you've known all along and maybe didn't fully trust.  That's why when you hear a truth that resonates with you, sometimes you get an inner, "I knew that!"  So, try it on for size, rather than simply expecting the intuitive will hand it all over to you on a silver platter (and then getting mad when they don't).

5.  We're just creepy mind-readers.

Dude, I have SO MUCH going on in my own brain, I couldn't possibly begin to hold everything that is going on in yours!  And I am willing to bet that most other intuitives feel the same.

There is an intuitive gift called clairsentience which is an ability to feel energy.  If you've ever heard of the term "empathic," that is another way of saying someone who is clairsentient.  (Truthfully, if you tune in enough and get out of your own way, you feel others' energy all the time-- again, another post for another day).

While it is true that if I don't keep it in check, I tend to sponge up what those around me are feeling, that doesn't mean that I know the inner-workings of your heart, mind, and soul.  

Ethically speaking, most intuitives abide by a code of honour of sorts.  Most of us are kind-hearted healers, so we wouldn't dream of invading privacy.  When I set out to do a reading for someone, it is only after they've explicitly asked for me to do so. 

If the idea of someone digging into your energy without your permission still creeps you out, have a chat about it with your spiritual team.  You have Guides around you all of the time, but even they won't intervene without consent.  You always, always have free will.  So ask them!  Ask them to please guard your energy from any prying eyes unless you've given consent.  

So there you have it!

Some reasons why being a professional intuitive can be a drag.  

That said, I wouldn't change it for the world.  I spent so many years feeling lost and repeating the phrase, "I know there's more, I know I am meant to do more."  And finally, I've stumbled onto what that "more" means to me.  So, I take these "shit sandwiches," and do my best to educate on them.  One day, they'll be the world's finest veggie burger, of that I am certain!  (Mmm... pass the pickles, please).

Sat Nam.

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