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Links to Love

Links to Love

I LOVE sharing fun or thought-provoking articles and goods from around the Internet.  And it's been a while since I've created a "Links to Love" post.  So let's just hop straight to it!

This first share made me straight up laugh my arse off.  I like to think of myself as having a good sense of humour.  In this respect, I tend to lean a little to the dark side.  A little dark, a little dry, with some "questionable" choice in language, I confess.  I know it's not conventionally expected from someone into spiritual stuff, but there ya have it.

There's nothing distasteful about the use of language in this post, but it certainly isn't squeaky clean, prim and proper. 

Sonja Seiler, founder of Nurture: a Retreat, left me covered in tears and goosebumps after reading one of her latest posts.  It's the kind of story that SCREAMS of interconnectedness, heart, and compassion.  And if you know nothing about me except that I live for the practice and theory of interconnectedness, you know enough.

Her story is shared with such detailed imagery and sensations, you feel you were there.  Which is just a delectable cherry on top of the entire read.  

It's just the kind of story that you need if you're feeling jaded, isolated, or weary.  Go, read.  Peruse Sonja's other heartfelt posts.  She's a multi-talented, open-hearted, passionate, and vulnerable soul.  

I wish Aunt Dot was my Aunt Dot.  Rebecca of Girls Gone Child has written about her in past articles.  This one's pretty great.  The poem recited at the end?  What can I say but "interconnectedness."

Confession: I struggle with labels.  I tend to rebel hard against them, or I panic about fitting into them.  I get my back up, or I find myself experiencing anxiety. 

We know the saying, "March to the beat of your own drum."  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We know it.  But do we have the strength and courage to do it despite feeling the fear?  

Fanesa Dilworth has a beautiful video message on this very topic!  Check it out, her energy is so warm and loving.

Sarah Petruno's brave and honest post about the tenth anniversary of her dad's death got me right in the gut.  I so appreciate her honesty.  Death, addiction, and mental illness are all taboo topics, as we know.  But they're a part of our shared humanity and it is time we stopped feeling shame around them.  

Her post is also such a poignant reminder to take the space to examine where we carry another's pain and expectations.  Where do we tell ourselves the stories that we're not enough?  Where do we attempt to do another's healing for them?  Thanks, Sarah!

That's it for this edition of Links to Love.  Thanks for stopping by, bright ones!  
Wishing you peace and contentment this Winter Solstice.

Sat Nam.

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