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Soul Return and Integration: Why You Deserve It

Soul Return and Integration: Why You Deserve It

As we encounter trauma and painful experiences in life, it is not uncommon for pieces of our energy and soul to be left behind in space and time.  It is a way of coping, of defence, of numbing from what is painful. 

In psychology, this is called disassociation.

While disassociating from ourselves can be necessary for a time, the reality is that over the long term, we are weakened and left living inauthentic lives without having all of our energy intact.

We are left feeling as pieces of us are missing, or that we're not quite "where" we'd like to be.

It is safe to say that you've left pieces of yourself scattered across lifetimes.  This is okay, this is not to say that you've done anything wrong.  This is not to say that you are broken or less than.

Calling yourself back, re-integrating your pieces, healing old patterns and karma, are all a part of healing wholly.  It is all a part of remembering who you are, why you are here, and what makes you powerful.  

It is a gift to call yourself back, really.  

Soul retrievals are often times a part of Shamanic healing.  They can be the ticket to healing not only energetically, but also physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Soul retrievals are often a part of the sessions I offer in my karmic Art of Life sessions.  Old patterns and stories are brought to awareness, their wisdoms revealed, pieces of you called back, and then you are guided on how to further recognize these old ways of being.  You are supported in continuing to release them in order to move forward powerfully and joyfully.

Interested in self-soul retrievals?  They are entirely possible!  There's no need to go looking for a Shaman to do one for you, and you do not necessarily need to be a "psychic" to do one for yourself.  Understand that it is a holy experience, and one that deserves respect and the consideration of your whole heart.  Spiritual practices rarely work if you're only one foot in the door.  Let your skepticism go for a while and be open to possibilities!

My other piece of advice would be to allow for some purging following your retrieval.  As old "stuff" is called up to be released, you may feel a little worse before you feel better.  This is normal!  Or, you may get lucky and feel fantastic from the get-go.  Everyone and every situation is different.

Ready to give it a go yourself?  Check this guided mediation by Sarah Petruno out.
Interested in having a karmic reading and retrieval performed by yours truly?  Check out my shop here.

Wishing you the remembrance of your eternal self, as well as the healing of your human experiences.

Sat Nam.

As expressed in our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer, please know that any and all guidance and advice on this site is not meant to be a replacement for medical or psychological assistance, should you need it.  Laura Biddle and those involved with Roots for Wings Healing are not medical professionals.  The guidance given here is given in the name of Love, with the intention to empower you to live a wholly connected life.  This site is for spiritual growth, which in turn may assist you physically and emotionally.  You are choosing to be here and consider any and all content of your own free will. 

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