Stuck in Your Head? Tips for Quieting the Mind

Do you ever find yourself stuck in your head?  It's a common saying for a reason.

Being caught up in the swirling non-stop energy of our thoughts can be overwhelming and draining.  I liken it to an image of a tornado or whirlpool because the mind never stops.  It neverrrrrr stops.  Right now, what's that voice in your head saying?  I'll bet it's jabbering on like one of those irritating battery powered kids' toys.  Parents, you know what I'm talking about.  Heck, if you have ANY kids in your life, you know what I am talking about.  That voice is like the news channel: never-ending, and full of either calamity or useless facts designed to make you feel powerless and inferior.

You can't stop the mind.  The more you try, the louder it gets.  Oftentimes, those who say they can't meditate believe this to be true because they spend the entire practice trying to shut that voice off.  Truly though, the voice can't be silenced through sheer will or strength.  But there is another way.

I need to stop here briefly to point out one rather important little tidbit.  You are NOT that voice.  That chattering your hear in your mind?  It may sound like you, you might identify with what it says, but you are NOT it.  Don't believe me?  Just stop for a moment and listen to it.  What's it saying?  Nattering on about a to-do list?  Asking you why you're wasting your time on this blog?  Okay, but notice how you're watching it, or listening to it?  That means there's the voice, and then there's you observing.  There's a space- sometimes an ever so small space- between the two.  The goal is to make that space wider and wider until the voice slows and gives you some respite.  

It's all about surrender and shifting your energy.

I say "Surrender" here because it's best if you let that voice be.  Remember how I said you can't shut it off through sheer will power?  Rather than fighting and using your energy to over-power that voice- which will only end with you either identifying with the voice all over again, or getting angry and giving up- the key is to step back and observe.  Surrender that the voice just is.  It's just there, and you don't have to view it through the lens of negativity or positivity.  The voice- the mind- is just there doing it's thing.  Watch each thought go by without identifying or being sucked in or participating.  If you can, visualize the thoughts in front of you, and then see the space between you and the thoughts.  Feel yourself sink further back and away with each thought.  Sink comfortably back, like you're enjoying a movie.

The next step is to shift your energy.  As you watch your thoughts, become conscious of your Heart center.  Feel your shoulders relax.  Feel your neck relax.  Relax the tension in your forehead.  Feel the energy in your Heart and stomach area open as you drop from your Head to your Heart.

How's it feel to be sitting in your Heart centre now?  The thoughts are still out there, the mind hasn't ceased to be.  And that's good!  Sometimes we need the mind- there's a reason why it exists!  But you don't have to ruled by it.  Your Light doesn't come from it.  You are NOT it. 

Interested in some other thoughts on meditating and finding quiet?  Check out Amanda Linette Meder's blog article on the different ways to approach silence.

Alternatively, a guided meditation might be just the ticket!

Wishing you Light as you make peace with that voice in your head!

Sat Nam.