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When the Universe Gives You a Shove (Signs the Universe is Talking to You)

When the Universe Gives You a Shove (Signs the Universe is Talking to You)

Have you ever had the distinct feeling that the Universe is out to get you?  Like you're being kicked when you're already down?  You've been having your share of bad days, or stressful moments, and just when you thought it couldn't possibly get worse, you're faced with yet another obstacle.

Have you ever considered that this might actually be the Universe conspiring in your favour?

Say WHAT?! 

What if the Universe had actually been listening to you?  What if it heard your every thought?  What if it had always listened to your secret dreams and wishes?

What if this Universe had gently been nudging you toward taking the steps to make your dreams possible, but for so many reasons, you didn't hear.  Too many distractions, avoidance tactics, denial, fear.  So the Universe gets a little louder, shakes things up a little.  But you're still in so much fear that your hands might be over your ears at this point, blocking out the sound.

If your fear is louder than the Universe's messages, it might have no choice but to shake things up SO much that you MUST pay attention and open your eyes.  

Those dreams you had?  They're not meaningless, unreasonable, unobtainable stories you made up.  You wouldn't have had them if they were impossible.  You come from Source- whatever that power is able to achieve, you can achieve as well.  

So now the Universe has shaken up the ground beneath your feet, tossed up your walls of perceived protection, and generally left you wondering what you did to deserve this sh*t storm.  There's a few ways you can view this situation you find yourself in: as a really crappy set of circumstances to dig yourself out of, cursing your luck the entire time.  As a reason to just give up, and lay down.  OR as a gift given to you so that you might re-evaluate where you're at and where you can possibly go from here.  You've got complete Free Will, and the Universe will always honour that.

Nothing is by accident.  This isn't to say that you deserve trauma or stress.  But if you see all of life unfolding as opportunity after opportunity to create the world that you want, and as an invitation to be conscious of what energy you're sending out, then the less-than-stellar circumstances automatically seem less daunting.  There's suddenly a light at the end of the tunnel.  You can begin to re-align yourself with your power, asking, "Okay where can I choose to go from here?  What is occurring right now in this moment that I can be present to?  What am I being asked to examine?"

There's a bigger picture.  Stay present to where you're at, but remember that you won't be stuck here forever, not if you don't want to be.

The Universe really does have your back.  It might not be in the ways that you want it, but it always knows what you need.

In my next post, we'll explore some tools and techniques for getting through those times when it feels like the Universe kicked you right in the behind.

Sat Nam.

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