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A Card Reading for March 1st 2016- March 14th 2016

A Card Reading for March 1st 2016- March 14th 2016

It's March! Spring is almost here! 

Can you feel yourself coming out of hibernation?  Take some deep breaths as the promise of new life begins to vibrate in the atmosphere.

I've asked that I might share some guidance as we start into this month.  This particular guidance is pertinent for the first two weeks of this month.

Thanks to Raven at the Alkonost Oracle for sharing my new favourite card spread to use!  I've used it for myself for daily spreads, but it works quite lovely for this purpose.  

Happy (Almost) Spring to you! In the name of surrender, release, and planting new seeds for growth to come.

Sat Nam.

Theme: Release

As we begin to say "Farewell" to winter, release what you need in order to plant new life: new ideas, creative projects, new friendships, new goals...

I'm shown an overgrown garden. The ground still looks a little hard and cold, but I think the idea here is to weed out what's not serving in preparation for what is to come.  Compost the old-- meaning, take the lessons and wisdom that might serve you moving forward.  Don't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty- sometimes releasing can feel like "mucky" work- whether we just don't want to go there with potentially painful feelings we've been avoiding.  Or we're clinging and are afraid of letting go of what is familiar, even if we've outgrown it or it's served its purpose in our life.  This is where Trust comes in.

Underlying Issue: You are Profoundly Clairvoyant

Spirit is saying that you have the spiritual sight necessary to make the changes needed for your growth.  Your Ego tells you otherwise, and this creates a state of confusion or feelings of being lost.  Thank your Ego for its attempts to maintain the status quo, but let it know firmly that you are not going to go there.  The Ego desires to perpetuate fear so that you might stay still and stay safe, not risking a fall or risking being out there in the world.  Spirit is saying trust the bigger picture, trust that you CAN see beyond what your Ego is insisting.

Present State: Ear Chakras

Are you listening to what's going on around you?  To the hints and guidance being served up by Spirit?  Or, again, are you listening to that voice of doubt served up by Ego?  

I'm shown hands being clamped down over a pair of ears-- this all comes down to fear, once again.  It may be a conscious fear or an unconscious one.  What are you afraid of hearing?  Some answers to your questions and concerns are on the way, so be open to hearing them come in the way of a message from a friend, lyrics in a song, an idea spontaneously popping into your head. 

Action/Improvement: Archangel Raphael

This card is representative of what came up in the Theme: Trust.  Ask for Divine guidance!  You don't have to go at life alone.  You might not see the angels, but it doesn't mean they're not there. They send help in the way of friends, strangers, and ideas all of the time.  Take comfort in knowing your guides and angels are with you and listening.  They can't intervene on Free Will, but they will help and guide if you ask them to.

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