The Biggest Myth About Mediumship


I'm feeling compelled to shed some light, bust through some walls, shake up some old and crumbly foundations.


And I am going to admit with 100% honesty, that when I first had the idea for this particular post, I was very full of frustration and feeling very agitated.  This post's seed was planted quite a while back now, and it is finally time to shoot out into the sunshine and be shared, now that I've gained some perspective and peace.  


When I first started to "come out" as having experiences with Spirit, I assumed I would be embraced by the psychic/psychic medium community at large.  It can be overwhelming to have the experiences I was having, despite being able to look back now and recognize that perhaps it wasn't my first go 'round.   And so when I first began reaching out for support and guidance, I was really surprised to be lectured on the belief that "You're either a born medium, or you're not a medium."  I was basically told that because I couldn't outright recall seeing or hearing dead people from childhood, that meant I couldn't possibly be the real deal at this point in my life.  I was also lectured and bullied on a number of other points, but I won't go there because...


... I have a sense of gratitude and compassion around the entire experience now.  I can see that the folks who were hurtful happen to have a different set of beliefs than I do, and that's okay.  


There are many paths to Oneness.  


I can also see now how that particular point in my life taught me much in the way of how crucial my own Truths are to what I have come here in this lifetime to share.  That group of individuals didn't quite welcome me with open arms, but I have since been very fortunate to find my own network of mediums and psychics who do.


So the myth I would love to discuss today?...


... EVERYONE is a medium.


Yes.  Everyone.  Even you, reading this, you have mediumship abilities. 


They may be latent, they may be unrealized or unpracticed, they may even be denied or doubted.  But I promise you that you can connect with Spirit!


You are a Spirit within a human, physical body.  Therefore, you have Spirit senses.  And these senses are what are used to connect with Spirit from the non-physical realm.  Yes, there is a little more to it, such as being in the right frame of mind, having a high enough vibration, knowing what to "look" for, but you do have all of the raw gifts within you.


Okay, think of it this way: You could paint a gorgeous picture, if you wanted to and set your mind to it.  It may not be as "polished" as a professional artist's.  But that's because the professional artist has spent many, many hours, years even, practicing and honing their craft.  They feel called to it, so they can justify investing money in classes, materials, and their precious energy and time.  It is within their purpose to express themselves through their art, so they sacrifice and do what it takes.


Mediumship and connecting with Spirit is honestly no different!  The professional medium only differs from you in that they have honed their craft.  They've poured much of their energies and precious time into practicing, researching, and learning.  They've invested money in classes, workshops, and books.  They feel called to connect on behalf of Spirit and other living folks.  It is part of their path.


The belief that mediumship as an activity is for a select, special, elite group is completely untrue.


If you're still not buying it, let's take a look at the very definition of the word "medium."  According to Webster's dictionary, the word "medium" means:



pl. mediums or media

1a  :  something in a middle position b  :  a middle condition or degree :  mean

2     :  a means of effecting or conveying something: as a (1)  :  a substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect  (2)  :  a surrounding or enveloping substance  (3)  :  the tenuous material (as gas and    dust) in space that exists outside large agglomerations of matter (as stars) <interstellar medium>b  plural usually media  (1)  :  a channel or system of communication, information, or entertainment — compare mass medium  (2)  :  a publication or broadcast that carries advertising  (3)  :  a mode of artistic expression or communication  (4)  :  something (as a magnetic disk) on which information may be storedc  :  go-betweenintermediaryd  plural mediums  :  an individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits e  :  material or technical means of artistic expression

And now, let's break it down.  

First, a medium is someone "in a middle position."  In a traditional mediumship reading, there is typically a three-way connection: the client, the medium, and Spirit.  The medium is in this middle position, connecting everyone.  Of course this doesn't explain
mediumship in the case of one person receiving Spirit with no one else present.

"A means of effecting or conveying something."  It is the medium's job to convey the messages of Spirit.  Spirit affects the medium through their psychic/spirit senses, and the medium in turn receives the message for either a client or themselves.  

"A channel or a system of communication, information, or entertainment."  So the medium is the channel by which Spirit's energy and message is carried through to be transmitted to the receiver- either a client or the medium his/herself.

Anyone, anyone, anyone can be a channel for Spirit.  If you are here on this planet, you are a Spirit within a physical body.  You have the spiritual senses necessary to receive from the Spirit realm.  You do not have to remember having any experiences seeing or speaking to Spirits as a child.  I would venture to guess that you likely did have those experiences, you've just since been convinced they weren't real, or you've forgotten them because they can't be proven in any concrete way.

Mediumship is not an activity for a select few people.  If you wanted toor if you chose to connect with Spirit, you could learn.  

Sat Nam.