Heart Space: A Visualization Exercise for Effective Communication

I would like to propose an exercise which was inspired by something I read recently in Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love.


In her book, Marianne writes about communicating and the creation of miracles.  A miracle, Williamson says, is when there is a shift from Fear to Love.  I couldn't agree more.  Williamson says:


"We don't seek joining through our words; we accept the thought that we are joined with the other person before we speak. That acceptance is itself a miracle."


This lead to me think about the space between us.  The space that exists between us and the person or people we are in communication with.  This space is, ideally, one where our hearts extend to meet one another, where there is an overlapping.  In my mind, this is what Williamson is referring to in the above quote.  She is also speaking to the energy and Light that connects us all at our core- the unifying Light from which we all are.


If we can go into communication with someone with this overlapping heart space in mind, then we are more apt to communicate with a sense of empathy, compassion, and patience.  We are also more likely to feel safer speaking and being vulnerable, which is the heart of transformation, growth, and truth.


Here is an exercise for you to try.  You can practice it right now, or keep it in mind the next time you need to head into a conversation that you feel apprehensive about.


1)  Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  Feel the air filling your lungs and your diaphragm being engaged.  Breathe in deeply through your nose.  When you breathe into your belly, your attention is being brought down to the space of intuition.


2)  Envision a beautiful white light coming down from way up above you.  It washes down, down, down, onto your crown and over the rest of your body.


3)  Visualize the person or people you need to communicate to.  See them in front of you.


4)  Bring your attention to your chest and Heart centre.  See the other person's Heart before you as well.  Watch as every Heart centre glows a gorgeous emerald green.


5)  Now, visualize the green light flowing outward to fill the space between you.  The brilliant green lights overlap, swirling and enmeshing together.  There is a possibility of healing and peace in this joining.


6)  The joining of the green emerald lights is representative of the Oneness between all hearts.  Head into your planned communication with the goal of speaking to this beautiful space.


Wishing you courage and healing for all. 

Sat Nam.