Feel the Vibrations: Why Marky Mark Had it Right and How to Raise Yours

So this may be one of my cheesiest titles yet.  I can't eat dairy, so I've gotta make up for it elsewhere.  See?  I'm on a role today.

Okay, in all seriousness, stick with me here.

Good vibes, bad vibes... what's it all mean and why does it matter?  Why should considering vibrations go beyond old school song lyrics and new age catch phrases?

We're energy.  Everything is made of it.  We all vibrate at different frequencies depending on our energy levels, moods, health, environment, and influences that would take far too long to list.  Here's what you need to know: high frequency generally means "feel good," and low frequency generally means "feel yucky."  Of course vibrating at a super high frequency can be anxiety-provoking, but generally speaking, we want to be vibrating up high moreso than down low.

So how do we raise our vibration?  The following are some tips on how to shift your frequency when you're feeling a little "blah."

1)  Smudge.

Typically, white sage is what comes to mind when one thinks of this activity.  The truth is, you can smudge with a variety of different mediums.  The action of smudging is setting the intention and requesting that the spirit of your smudging tool carry away any lower energies, thereby raising the energy of the space or yourself.  Some other great smudging herbs or tools are lavender, cedar, or palo santo.  I've recently read that the herb motherwort makes an excellent smudge, which makes sense, given this herbs particular gift for relieving stress and anxiety.  You can also smudge your space or yourself with your favourite incense too.

2)  Let in Some Fresh Air.

Open the windows and air the place out!  Being stuck inside with stagnant energy can be a bummer.  Crack open the windows for an easy shift, most especially if you can't get out yourself, which brings me to...

3)  Go for a Walk.

Get yourself out and your body moving.  Exercise can release endorphins and shift your vibes.  More importantly though, nature really is an all natural anti-depressant.  The trees, the grass, the singing birds... they are forever present in the moment.  Mama Earth is always available to take that low energy off your hands.

4)  Dance!  Dance!  Dance!

Let go of every bit of self-censorship, put on some awesomely uplifting tunes, and dance like you just don't care.  Close your eyes if you have a hard time letting go.  Extra points if you sing out loud, too.  

5)  Make a Gratitude List.

Instant uplifter.  Focusing on the things you are so very lucky to have, however simple (mmm... good coffee...), can bring your mood and energy up.  If you set the intention to do this practice daily, it just might become a habit whenever you are finding yourself down.  If you can find reasons to be grateful for what's bumming you out, you've just stepped it up a level and THAT is the key to some honest to goodness soul growth. 

6)  Fake it.

Yup.  Put a smile on.  You might feel a little crazy, it might feel hideously inauthentic, but you also might just trick your body into feeling a little better.  This is where sometimes I find a little bit of dry self-deprecating humour can help, too.  Don't be unkind to yourself, but if you can crack a little joke it just might be enough to lighten the mood and shift your vibe.

7)  Have a cuppa.

Herbs posses magical healing powers- they're gifts from Mama Earth and human's first medicines.  Brew up a cup of lavender, chamomile, or lemon balm tea.  Any herbal tea that strikes your fancy!  If it's calling to you, chances are it's the plant that will raise your vibe in that moment.  Motherwort is an excellent anxiety reducer and mood-enhancer- she's also bitter tasting so be sure to have some yummy honey on hand.  (Please do your research and remember that I am not a certified herbalist and do not know the medications you are on and the state of your health.  That said, the herbs I have mentioned are generally considered safe for most folks!)

8)  Wash it down the drain.

Have a soothing bath or a nice hot shower and visualize the lower sticky energy being washed right away from you.

9)  Cry.

Resist the urge to repress the energy wanting out.  Once you've released, open the windows, put on some uplifting music, smudge, etc etc., and get the low stuff you've let out, out of your space!

10)  Connect with your Team.

We all have a spiritual support team made up of Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones.  They love you unconditionally, and it's their job to assist you in your soul growth in this lifetime.  They can help if you let them!  In fact, they can't help unless you ask, in most cases.  So ask!  Ask them to help you raise your energy up-- they can assist by removing the low energy and gunk keeping you down, they can step into your space and pull your energy up, they can surround you with a feeling of love and light.  Visualize it, ask for it, and watch as your mood and energy shifts!

Lastly, trust that there are times in life where you're going to feel "down."  And that's okay!  These moments are just as illuminating, worthy, and necessary as the more joyful times.  The last thing you need to do is beat yourself up over feeling low, (that's just more of the same energy anyhow).  Trust that you have the capacity to pick yourself back up, and that the Universe will support you in your endeavours.

Sat Nam and Good Vibrations to you!