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The Flow of Abundance: Could You Be Blocking Yours?

The Flow of Abundance: Could You Be Blocking Yours?

There's something almost all of us thinks about from time to time... It's sort of a necessity in this day and age.  No, it can't buy happiness and it doesn't literally grow on trees, but it does pay the bills.  I'm sure there's been at least one point in your life where you've had to give thought to your financial abundance.  


There's more than enough to go around.  It may not seem that way, because it seems to be held in the hands of few in our world, while still more struggle to make ends meet... But perhaps that is another post for another time.  The truth is, we all deserve financial abundance, and being from Source, we have the power of Source within us.  It's just a matter of sending out the right intentions, cultivating Faith without stipulations, and not blocking the opportunities when they are served back to us.

Allow me to explain.

Being the energetic beings that we are, we co-create our realities.  When we think uplifting thoughts, we are uplifted.  When we speak in positive terms, we are surrounded by positive people, situations, and outcomes.  When we believe ourselves to be abundantly blessed, we are abundantly blessed.  The Universe is pretty magical that way- it isn't out to "teach us a lesson," nor are we doomed to suffer endless curses of bad luck.  Simply put, what we send out we get back.  Frustrating co-worker bringing you down?  Where in your life are you echoing the same thought patterns or behaviour?  Finding yourself on a derailed train of health?  Where are you being called to slow way down and examine your beliefs about your wellness or deservedness of health?

I feel compelled to say here that if you're feeling a little riled about what I am saying, or if you're rolling your eyes, you may need to continue reading more than anyone!  We are often triggered into anger when something is deeply resonating somewhere and our Ego doesn't want to hear it.

Please understand that I do NOT mean that your cousin who battled at length with cancer deserved her suffering.  Nor am I saying that the toddler killed in that car accident asked for it.  What I am saying is that these situations arise to invite an inward look-- just as much for your cousin as for everyone your cousin impacted.  No situation, no piece of the journey is wasted if we're willing to consider there are lessons or pieces of wisdom to be gleaned.  Sometimes that wisdom is being reminded to love with our whole heart and not to take those opportunities for granted.  Sometimes it's the reminder to laugh as free as a toddler would, with abandon and joy.

If we declare to the Universe that we are abundant and blessed with every need fulfilled, then we begin to speak into that very future.  

Next, we need to trust that the Universe will supply the "how" of our declaration.  This means having blind faith and not slipping back into worrying about where it will come from.  As soon as our mind turns to worrying, we've sent out that vibration which effectively cancels out our initial brave declaration!  Trust, trust, trust.  Trust that the Universe expands beyond space and time, knows no limits, and is connected to everything.  There are multiple answers to your questions within that power, and those answers are coming.

Lastly, we must not block the flow of abundance that returns!  The Universe will begin to serve up opportunities for abundance, and they may not always look like you imagined.  Run with it!  The more you accept with gratitude, the more flows in.  Someone is offering to bring you some prepared meals as you bounce back from an illness?  That's abundance!  Accept it with a grateful heart.  An unusual job opportunity arises, but you're not sure you qualify?  What have you got to lose?!  This is abundance falling into your lap.  You'll have to put effort into the job application, yes, and perhaps you have some research and learning to do, but this effort only confirms that you welcome the flow.

Wishing you abundance in all forms, most of all Love.

Sat Nam.


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