Links to Love: Gold from around the 'Net

One thing that I have found myself really grateful for these past few months are the connections, information, and insight that I've been able to access on other spiritual blogs.  In the name of sharing, I thought I would round up some articles that I've really enjoyed reading and that I figured you might, too!  Grab up your cup of tea, and enjoy...

And as always, Sat Nam.

This post.  When I first began delving into Mediumship, opening to my abilities, and accepting that YES I am meant to connect to Spirit and deliver messages, I was a little discombobulated.  My journey began with channeling the Angelic realm for the purposes of uncovering Karmic patterns.  While I was drawn to the work, I was also a little jealous that I wasn't connecting with dead people, or as they are called "deceased loved ones."  I figured that people would just think I was making the karmic pattern thing up, because how can one validate a message from an angel or guide?  I'm happy to say that I now see things very differently!  While I am learning now to connect with deceased loved ones, karmic readings have proven to be potent and powerful and they are ALWAYS validated for me.

Raven's got a fabulous video series on her blog, and I would recommend every video within the series.  This one's a fav though.  She shares how different mediums connect and receive in different ways, as well as the importance of considering your expectations.  It's true!  The beauty of mediumship is that there is a medium out there for every type of Spirit and every type of client.

In this article, Amanda Linette Meder shares the insight she gained when asking Spirit about God.  Since delving back into Spirituality following a little break-up from my Roman-Catholic upbringing, this is how I usually envision it, too!  

I am no stranger to depression or anxiety.  In fact, I will share that I was medicated for both for a period of time.  While I am not advocating that all depressed folk immediately throw out their pill bottles, it is most definitely worth considering the spiritual causes of an illness.  I strongly believe that all illness is a calling to look deep within ourselves-- we aren't made to suffer for no reason.  This article is part one of a series written by shamana Sarah Petruno.

I'm not even sure I can write up a succinct enough blurb on this one!  I will say that it sums up this for me: We are Love.  We come from Love.  Period.  That may get buried beneath Fear, it might be overshadowed temporarily by pain, but LOVE is really the only ultimate Truth.  

Stories.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be an author.  I've taken refuge in the pages of a book.  I've daydreamed up alternate realities for myself.  I've been a storyteller on the stage and trained in University as an actor.  The hilarious thing is that now stories still play such a massive, massive role in my pursuance of being a Medium.  Now I help clients unearth the stories they've been telling themselves for LIFETIMES, the stories that have them stuck in ways of being they've outgrown and are ready to move past, the stories they once created out of perceived love but have held them back in pain.  When I found the work of social scientist Brene Brown, I was giddy with excitement over her brilliant blending of spirituality and science.  Brene talks stories too!  

Being a Mom has changed me.  Three times over.  Hell, many times over.  I love my role as Mom.  But I know there have been many times that I have struggled with who else am I?  The whole identity crisis thing.  And I don't think this is applicable to just mom-hood either.  I think everyone can perhaps relate on some level.  I totally dig Rebecca Woolf.  I found her blog a few years back and I always appreciate what she has to say.

Oh, hi Danielle LaPorte and your magical TRUTHBOMBS.  Say it, Sister.