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Lessons from Spirit: It's Safe to Be You

Lessons from Spirit: It's Safe to Be You

I've noticed a theme in a few of my readings as of late.  This isn't overly surprising, Spirit tends to bring me clients needing to hear variations of the same messages in little clusters or groups.  When it first happened, I wondered if I was making some of the stuff up.  "How could it be possible," I wondered, "that all of these people are needing to hear different shades of the same theme?"  But time and again, information was validated or resonated strongly, and so I began to trust that this is just how Spirit likes to work.  

Lately, I've noticed Spirit wants us to really acknowledge what's in our Hearts.  And I mean, what's really in our hearts.  

What are you feeling deep inside, but suppressing for fear of ridicule, backlash, or... and here's the big one... change?

Change can feel terrifying, I get it.  It's most especially frightening to feel out of control, to not know what's on the other side, to feel the grief of what is before you've even let go.  And here's the thing: you really do have to acknowledge all of that.  Give yourself permission to explore or consider what it is that you're so scared of.  All of the what ifs.

And then...

Throw them out the window.

The truth of all of life is: you don't know what's going to happen.  You can't control how people are going to respond to your expressions of the heart.

But holding onto where you are, not moving forward, swallowing your desires and your voice-- all of that isn't guaranteeing happiness, either.  It's not protecting you from everything that you're scared of.  Life is going to roll on by whether you take the leap of faith or not, whether you say what you're really thinking, show how you're really feeling.

Rather, it's stunting your growth, overshadowing your light, and dampening your joy.

And sometimes, we have to trust that it's going to hurt before it feels better.  Meaning, showing that piece of ourselves, acknowledging what we really want, might not put us in alignment with those we're currently surrounded by.  Sometimes, we have to trust that relationships have served their purpose and it's time to move on.

So, Spirit says, why don't you try this: imagine yourself at the end of your physical time here on this planet.  You are about ready to transition into the next phase of the journey, and you're taking stock of everything you've done or not done.  Do you regret repressing that voice within your heart?  

If that visualization doesn't work for you, then imagine yourself as a small child.  Place this small child in front of you.  If this child had something really important to share, would you tell them to keep quiet?  Or would you open your arms and be their sounding board?

Your voice matters.  Your heart matters.  You're safe to be the Light that you came into this world to be.

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