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Creeped Out by Ghosts?  Read This.

Creeped Out by Ghosts? Read This.

Ghost and Spirit.  They can be used interchangeably.  Sometimes.

Thanks to the media, the stereotypical view of Spirit is, unfortunately, hyped up in a lot of cases.  This does more damage than good when it comes to understanding and connecting to the world of Spirit.  In this post, I'd like to do a bit of demystification on behalf of Spirit so that you might better understand what a "ghost" is and why they're not usually the creeps they're made out to be.

When one passes from the physical realm here, shedding the impermanent vehicle that is the body, they are given the opportunity to cross into the realm of the Absolute-- the world of Light where Spirit dwells.  When one passes, they have a certain time frame in which to cross into the Light, and this differs from Soul to Soul.  In the Divine Light, Spirit is able to draw upon this Source energy.  That's where they're "plugged in," for lack of a better set of words.  Spirits of this realm are what are known as "Light" spirits.

From the Spiritual realm, Spirit is able to come back to visit the physical- and they really often do.  Your loved ones want to be with you in times of joy, times of challenge, and to just generally let you know that they're looking out for you, cheering you on.  In the Spiritual realm, they're not constrained by time or space, and they're not limited by a physical body, so dropping by to be with you is easier than you may think.

So, what happens when a Spirit- for whatever reason- chooses not to cross into the realm of Absolute?  They then become known as what's called an "Earthbound" spirit.  Which is otherwise known in popular culture as a "ghost."

Earthbound spirits have quite a different feel to them, as they're more closely tied to the physical world like we are.  Because they're not "plugged in" to Divine Source, and because they have no body with which to fuel and run their energy in, they must receive their energy from other beings here.  This can cause a multitude of problems for the people or areas they're "leeching" energy from.  Most of the time, Earthbounds are unaware of the issues they're creating.  Most of the time, they're just as confused, frightened, and overwhelmed as the beings they're causing trouble for.

Why might a Spirit choose to stay Earthbound rather than cross into the Light following their physical vehicle's death?  There are a number of reasons, some possibly being: an unawareness that they're dead, fears or misperceptions surrounding the afterlife and punishment, "unfinished business," or deep fears around detaching from their loved ones or belongings in the physical.  

It all boils down to a misperception of love or fear, really.  Just as we here within our bodies have desires to self-preserve.  And just as we also sometimes act out of fear, so too does Spirit in some circumstances.

The best way to go about dealing with the possible case of an Earthbound in your midst?  Compassion is always the first tool to reach for.  Imagine the fear or confusion they're in, and offer your utmost compassionate approach.  

Fear begets fear.

Fellow medium Amanda Linette Meder has generously written and released an ebook available to the public recently.  In it, she details how to best go about offering to assist in an Earthbound's crossing.  If they've missed their window of opportunity following their immediate death, anyone here on Earth can go about helping them to access an opening back to the Light.

Of course, not all Spirits are the kind you want to tangle with.  I hesitate to say it because I'm not a fan of how Spirit in general is depicted as creepy or evil.  But in truth, the world we live in consists of a duality of energies.  And it must be that way for us to learn and grow the way we've come here to do.  That said, most Spirits are not looking to harm, just as most living folks are harmless.

For more information on how to recognize an Earthbound, check out this article by Amanda as well.

I'm looking forward to sharing some "crossing" stories I've experienced with you all in the future!  As a medium with a Shaman-esque bent to her work, I'm finding myself in more and more situations that require my assisting in an Earthbound's crossings.  I can say for certain that they always leave me with a sense of gratitude and a reminder of our interconnectedness, even in physical death.

Wishing you Spiritual experiences filled with compassion, love, and peace.

Sat Nam.

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