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Self-Care Quickies: How to Improve Your Energy in 5 minutes or Less!

Self-Care Quickies: How to Improve Your Energy in 5 minutes or Less!


I've video blogged about the importance of balancing your energy: that is, periodically calling and reigning back in to balance what you put out.  Most especially for those who are caregivers, this is of the utmost importance!  We can't give what we don't have.  You can send that energy out in the form of creativity, love, concern or healing, but eventually you're going to feel depleted if you don't create the space for yourself.  This is the basis of what self-care is all about.  


You've likely heard it before, but I'll remind you again: Self-care is not selfish.  It's also not something to put as the last on your list of priorities, even though that's where it tends to end up.  Replenish yourself on the regular, and you'll be less likely to run into periods of severe burnout.


I've released a meditation designed to call back and clear what's yours-- to revel in your love and giving nature.  

In this post, I've compiled a quick list of easy ways for you to call your energy back in through out your day.  Even as a busy person, you should be able to find a couple of these to try out day-to-day.  Don't get me wrong, these are by no means a replacement for deep and nourishing time for yourself.  You still need to spend those larger pockets of time on you.  That said, implementing these quick tips will keep you more balanced and even-keeled until you can get that long soak in the tub alone!


I'd love to know if you give these a go or if you have any of your own suggestions!  Feel free to share in the Comments below!


1)  Slough off in the Shower


While showering to start off or end your day, visualize the water washing away any residual energy you're not needing.  Watch as the grime is picked up and carried away down the drain.  Now that you've got a good base of clear energy, imagine you're covered in a magnetic coating of white light.  This magnetic coating attracts back only what is yours-- all of your Love and Care sent out can come back to YOU, too.  That which you send out, you step into.


2)  Mantra While You Make Up


If you spend any amount of time putting make up on, or even just washing your face and applying a good natural sunscreen or moisturizer, why not make it an activity of awareness for the body and soul?  In the few minutes you're in front of the sink or mirror, choose a mantra and repeat it either out loud or within your mind.  Check out some of my favourites here.  Mantras are an excellent way to set intention and to decide which energy you want to put out into the world.  This energy you send out is a catalyst for the energy you get back!


3)  Stretch it Out


Spend just a couple of minutes stretching out your hamstrings.  The release can feel divine.  Either sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you, gently folding from the waist to reach as far down your leg as you can, or fold from a standing position to reach for your toes.  It's not a competition, so no worries if you're not overly flexible.  The truth is, that releasing muscular tension aids in releasing old pent up emotions and energy.  Release makes way to call back what you desire.


4)  Dance with the Dishes


I don't know about you, but I spend a decent amount of time either unloading or loading my dishwasher.  I also spend time each evening washing non-dishwasher worthy items.  Either way, use this daily activity to get intentional.  As you clean up, let your body move a little.  If you have kids or a partner around, I guarantee you'll entertain them!  You can also visualize getting a nice energy cleanse with each dish you clear off.  


5)  Balance in Bed


Sit your tooshie down before your head hits the pillow.  Close your eyes.  Three deep breaths in now, all the way down to your stomach.  With each release, let the day go.  Think of three things you are so grateful for that were specific to your day.  (If you really want a good cleanse and grounding, subscribe to my newsletter to receive a link to a free downloadable guided meditation for just that!)  Right before you're ready to sleep, visualize a stream of a beautiful rainbow of colours flowing back to you.  This is all of the energy you exuded today.  All of the love, effort, and care you sent out to others.  All of the creative brilliance.  You're being refilled so you can give of yourself again tomorrow. 


Wishing you balance and self-love vibrations.


Sat Nam.

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