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Roots for Wings endeavours to reconnect you to the Love that you already are, to remind you of your strengths, beauty, and imperfect perfection.  The mission is to uplift humanity from patterns of fear, and back into love.

Perfect Imperfection: A Channeled Message from Angel Auriel

Perfect Imperfection: A Channeled Message from Angel Auriel

Sitting with my coffee this morning, my Spirit Senses got to tingling.

Last night, I had an interesting meditation surrounding surrendering up fear.  I was in the depths of some pretty frustrating and heavy feeling fear.

I heard "To surrender means to fully let go, to face the fear completely head on-- not just the parts that feel easiest."  Goosebumps.

So when this message came in lightening fast and rather unexpectedly this morning (I was simply pondering the day ahead), I knew it was one to transcribe and share. 

In the name of facing those mirrors with Love and compassion,
Sat Nam.

"Beloved One, please know your perfection.  

The path you've chosen to come and walk here is perfectly laid before you-- in all of its twists and turns, all of its ups and downs, all of its moments of light and darkness.  


You are equipped with everything you need to navigate this journey, this path.  There is nothing within you that is not meant to be there.  You were carefully crafted for this journey, in all of your beliefs, your mindsets, your hopes, dreams, fears, biases, agendas.  Do you not see, Sweet one of the Light, that you've come here to experience everything in such a way that will bring forth the gifts buried within that brilliant Soul of yours?


The Source has not made a mistake, and you are not broken.


The part of you that shines, the part of you that reverberates with LOVE is meant to shine out in such a way that you illuminate the way for others.  That you INSPIRE within in them the re-ignition of their own flame of Love.  


The part of you that is uneasy with fear, that cowers a little, trembles a little... the part of you that lashes in anger, that judges in the name of pain, grief, and sorrow... These pieces of you are not broken!  These pieces of you are quite perfectly imperfect.  Dear One, these pieces of you are GIFTS.  They are.  They are a beautifully created roadmap back to the Light.  They are within you to be brought forward and embraced in such a way that you are able to understand your path all the more.  They're not to be hidden away in shame.


You are Loved for everything you are, you Radiant One of the Light.  You are embraced in all of your shame, all of your pain, all of your grief.


The bewilderingly painful moments you experience and witness out in the world, they are there to mirror within you the darkness you must come face to face with.  They are there so you might see yourself in all of your imperfectly created human beauty.  There are there so you might closely examine that which you might transmute back to LOVE.  They are there so you might have the choice of compassion and forgiveness.


Please know that you are held now, that you are caressed with the vibration of sweet love and healing.  Know that you are safe.  Trust in the Divine power of Universal Oneness and Love.  And that everything is as it should be in this moment.  Trust that."

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