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Boundaries: an Expression of Love

Boundaries: an Expression of Love



They're an important aspect of life here.


And they are also something I struggled a bit to write about.  Mostly because, much of the time, I find myself saying, "We are One," or speaking to interconnectedness.  The importance of remembering all of that.  It seems that much of our suffering as a whole has to do with our belief that we're not of one and the same core energy, that we're not linked.  And so, speaking to boundaries feels a little bit like I am taking two steps forward and one step back.  Like a bit of hypocrisy. 




As we all know, life here is anything but black and white.  We're in a dualistic realm of existence.  One that requires we both recognize our connection and simultaneously learn to harness and respect our own individual growth, journeys, and ways of being.


We need boundaries because, though we are all One, we're all coming back to that remembrance and experiencing that connection at our own individual paces.  We require the space to find our way without constantly taking on another's journey.  


Empathy is the real deal- the real antidote to separation.  


But on the flip side, you must be aware of your own energetic experiences before you can begin to understand how you're interwoven and connected with another's.


Here is what I have gathered is of importance to share with you at this time about boundaries:  they all boil down to TRUST.  And it isn't about putting walls up to protect yourself or hide away.  It isn't about crawling back into an illusion of separation.  


What boundaries are about is loving yourself AND others enough to know that we each need to be responsible for our own energies.  Only then can we hear our inner voice of guidance, as well as contribute to the rest of the world in the ways that are most loving to everyone.


Trust yourself to set your boundaries.  And even more importantly, to enforce them.  Feeling wrung out or beaten down?  Beginning to feel a resentment build because you're not recharging yourself?  Then trust that you have the capacity to give a loving but firm "No" to outside demands, and then turn yourself inward to listen.


Boundaries are an expression of Love.  We all need them.  We need to set them and we need to be reminded of when we're crossing the line from time to time.  


Boundaries are a necessity in soul-growth.  We can't learn the necessary lessons if someone else is consistently doing the work for us.  We also can't possibly have enough to give if we've neglected to set up boundaries for self-fulfilment.


So, be the Love that you are.  Even if that Love is a "No."

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