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Coming into Bloom: A Channeled Message from Raziel

Coming into Bloom: A Channeled Message from Raziel

As I sat working away, I received the nudge to sit and take down a message.  It wasn't until after the full transmission had come through that I learned it was the energy of this particular Angel.  

"Dear One;

There is this push and pull between desiring to be seen, and wanting to hide.  A core piece of your being knows its beauty-- the brilliance and strength of a diamond.  And yet, there is a cloak you wear... a heaviness you take on, and a belief that you aren't worthy of showing those raw and brilliant pieces.  For fear of... what?  The scorn of others, what they might think or say or do?  A loss of friendships?  Standing out?  Perhaps.  

But it is so much more than this.  The true fear is the fear of what will happen when you step into your power.  When you fully take ownership and responsibility for the unique vibration of energy you came here to be.  When you fully step into the strength of your unique representation of all-that-is.  You are afraid, beloved one, of the unknown.  The unknown that surrounds what will happen when you remember who you are-- who you really are.

The unknown is uncontrollable, in your physical eyes, insofar that your physical mind is capable of comprehending.  You feel safer within the confines of this reality you've created, where you are accustomed to keeping your full power and presence at bay.  This is predictability to you, and predictability is safety.  

There is an opening, a blossoming.  And yet, there is a hesitation.  These two seemingly contradictory actions are at a war within you at this moment in time.

Please know this: these are choices.  It is you who gets to decide which action will tip the balance, tip the scales.  This is your gift here, your privilege.  Choice.  

Do you desire to know yourself, remember yourself fully?  Or are you truly content to live part-way in hiding?  There is no right or wrong, for lessons are afforded either way."

Thank you for the honour of sharing this message with you.  As always, it's a pleasure to channel such loving words from Spirit.  

Wishing you the Grace of living out loud in your most full expression of all that you are.
Sat Nam.

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