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Spirit Speaks: The week of May 15th 2016

Spirit Speaks: The week of May 15th 2016

There is a grandmotherly energy stepping forward at this time.  She is wise, patient, and protective.  She is also fiercely, fiercely loving.  Her love is the kind of love that says, "I will hold you, I will wipe your tears, and I will also not hesitate to give tough love if needed."  I hear the word, "Nonna," too, if that is resonating with anyone at this time.


Archangel Michael steps in, his massive shield shimmering in the bright light he is backlit against.  His stature is massive.  He stands ready to embrace a heart that is fearful.


I'm shown the image of an anchor.  A cradle of arms.  You're being asked to reach out to someone who can serve as a confidante because it is imperative that you unload these worries.  What is partially keeping you stuck or paralyzed is the sensation of having no one to back you, no one to catch you, no one to listen because your voice has not been valued for some time now.


I'm shown the image of a rose.  Its bud is closed tightly.  I find myself holding my breath.  There's a knowing that part of the reason the rosebud stays closed is because it sits in the dark-- there's no incentive for it to open into the light.  It sits in hiding, and there's a holding tightly to many toxic ideas of self-worth-- this is the darkness that envelopes you.


With this image of the rose, I feel compelled to speak to the rose bush's inherent strengths.  It has been blessed and graced with a built in mechanism for survival here on this planet.  Though it seems delicate (and delicacy is certainly a part of its beauties), it is capable of warning its predators to back off-- it is capable of stinging.  The rose is so magnificent because it stands as both a symbol of grace, vulnerability and  there is a fierceness underneath that says, "I will not be messed with. I am worthy of respect."


Nonna's energy clearly comes forward and I am reminded of the wise words of Maya Angelou, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them."  Nonna calls on you to TRUST right now.  Trust, Beloved, in your Spirit's instincts to survive, to break free, to be in a space where you can thrive.  The rosebud does not come into bloom, does not thrive in the darkened closet.  TRUST, also, in who your partner is showing themselves to be, truly.  Actions speak louder than words.  Your gut, your Spirit, your instinct speaks to you through impulses and sensations.  TRUST those.    

This is not a dress rehearsal, this is not a practice run... this is your life right now.  There is no, "I will live when I am free from whatever I perceived to be trapped by."  You are living now, and you have a choice whether you Trust your Spirit's calling or not.  Do you live in Fear, or do you choose to live in Love-- for yourself, your self-worth, and everything you came here to share with this world? 


"Beloved.  Do you know who you are?  Who you really are?  You are a Divine representation of the Universe's most powerful creative force.  It is not easy for you to see this from the vantage point of fear, we know.  You see now through the lens of separation, of being separate from an external Higher Power.  We call on you to flip this perspective on its head.  Trust, instead, that this Higher Power resides within you.  It speaks to you, and it calls you to listen. "


Lastly, you are asked to lift your chin and look around.  What do you see?  What do you see that speaks to how you feel about yourself right now?  Your outer world is mirroring back to you how you value yourself, how worthy you deem yourself.  Can you create a space to dedicate a practice of worshipping your inner Light, Strength, Power, and Beauty?  Can you anchor yourself in this Self-Love and use it as a means to nurture courage?  Focus in on you: this is who you are responsible for, just your stories, your wounds, your pain.  Please do not take on the burdens of attempting to change or aid anyone else-- that is not yours to carry.


This Grandmotherly Guide holds you now.  You carry within you her strength as well.  And all of the strengths of all of the women who came before you, who took a stand for their worthiness and inherent right to live openly, free from emotional, physical, and mental abuse.  Call on this power, call on them to surround you and lift you up, to cheer you on.  


*** I feel very compelled to now say, as simply myself:


Should you find yourself in a situation you feel stuck in, and you genuinely fear for you life, please seek help.  Seek the support and love of someone you trust.  Listen to your instinct and trust that your intuition speaks to you as a means of protecting you, as a means of looking out for your best and highest good.  If you fear for your life, if you feel unsafe in your relationship, you are not overreacting.  Find someone who will listen to your Truth so that you can be in a space that is safe.  From there, you can begin to re-build your ideas of self-worth and self-love again.  You are worth it.  So much Love to you.  I bow deeply as my Spirit recognizes Yours and I acknowledge our connectedness.  You are not alone.

Sat Nam.

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