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Spirit Speaks: The week of May 22nd 2016

Spirit Speaks: The week of May 22nd 2016

When you read with an open-ness, you access the guidance on a soul level.  If a resonance occurs- a vibration within you, goosebumps, a knowing, a smile, an 'aha!'- this is Spirit recognizing Spirit.  Trust that the guidance is for you.  My Soul bows deeply to acknowledge yours.  

Sat Nam.



I am shown a vision of a white and soft yellow glowing light.  And from this ball of energy, a feminine energy emerges.  I can see a gown and wings.


I am also given a deep ache within my heart centre, but just as I feel my shoulders closing down and forward, an energy pulls them back and I am impulsed to open this area despite the pain.  It is a magnificent sensation, this opening.  An airing out of the wound.  Allowing sunshine and warmth to penetrate, not unlike a soothing  heating pad.


This Angelic presence, identifying herself as Haniel, brings her energy over my Heart space and I feel the ache intensify first, the way a wound sometimes stings while being cleansed.  Then, an overwhelming sense of Love.  The kind of love that almost hurts, it is so strong.  She does this to bring attention to the fact that in healing, we need to be willing to open to that wound, to stay open to that energy, to allow the purging of the pain, before we can begin to apply the poultice and the bandage.  It is a choice, to stay open.


Haniel brings my attention upward, to my Third Eye.  This is the seat of spiritual sight.  And it is a misconception to think that only those who identify as "psychic" or "medium" or "intuitive" have a third eye or have access to its gifts and strengths.  She shows a broken link- a block- between your wounded heart and your third eye.  This seat of spiritual sight is where Spirit, your Higher Self, All-That-Is, your Guides, etc. have access to showing you they're with you, and showing you the choices before you that are in your best and highest good.  Your physical eyes show you the world of form around you.  Your spiritual eyes show you the spiritual path, spiritual truths, your truths, and choices around you- in both the material and immaterial. 


But- here is the key- to see spiritually means to see with Love, it is an invitation to see with Love.  It is an invitation to see that even the struggles we face have opportunities for Love interwoven through them all: the opportunity to come back to who you really are, the opportunity to Love in the face of anger or fear, the opportunity to tap back into self-love, the opportunity to choose Love with faith that everything is working out in your best and highest good.  To open this Eye, to access the wisdom to be seen through it, means to open that Heart and link the two.  It means to trust that everything you are seeing has deep within it the choice of Love, the opportunity for Love.


To open this Eye, to allow the wisdom in, is to release resistance.  It is to release the stranglehold you have- or control you feel you must have- over the outcome.  Do you see where you are holding tension or attempting to exact or force an outcome?  Do you see where you are pushing outward for answers, rather than relaxing and settling inward for the answers or wisdom to come?  (There are many ways to release this resistance and relax- one of which is intoxication.  But to go this route is to invite the possibility of connecting to that which does not have your best and highest good at heart).  


I am given the image now of a long-bearded man.  His hair white, his beard white.  He is a wise, old sage with the most patient of energies.  He smiles knowingly, taking his time to just nod.  He knows your brilliance- is aware even when you are forgetful of it.  


He shows me an image of an old Spirograph toy (I recognize it from one of my mom's old toy's from her childhood but had to look up what it was called!)  You spin this spirograph, creating an image with a red pen.  It's intricate, detailed, and lovely in its own way.  You begin to trace over it faster and faster, the pen now forming rips in the paper because the same pattern has been re-traced so many times.  You're frustrated.  Incredibly.  This isn't the pattern you want!  You want it to look differently.  And you want it in blue.  But don't you see, the man says, that it isn't going to look differently using this particular gear, and this particular colour?  You're wanting a different outcome, and this is fine, but you're not going to get that outcome using the red pen and this particular spirograph gear.


It is not enough to simply desire a change in your health, your surroundings, your mood, the events in your life.  To exact change, there is a series of steps for you to take.  Set your intention and be clear.  Bring yourself up to this vision you hold- that is, thank your Ego for its input, but dismiss what it has to say, because it will always say that you're not good enough for this vision you desire.  Hold your belief, your intention up high and carry yourself on the energy of that dream, that intention, not on the lack of it.  Act as if it is happening, speak as if it is happening, so that the Universe will not be met with contradicting vibrations when it attempts its delivery to you.  


This sage of a man shows you now holding a very large U-shaped magnet out in front of you.  When you speak of what you don't want, what you're tired off, what you've been enduring, that is the magnet you hold.  You don't trust, he says.  And it isn't just the abundance of the Universe, and its ability to meet your needs-- you don't trust your own manifesting capabilities.  Put down the resistance to your own power.


I am shown now a doorway, and beyond that doorway, the brightest light I have ever seen.  You stand at this doorway, looking in on the light.  Its radiance so powerful, you're a silhouette backlit.  The light, while gorgeous and warm, while exciting and intriguing, is also intimidating.  You're invited to ponder what part of you is more comfortable on this side of the doorframe, with your familiar patterns and ways?  What part of you finds it easier to hang onto old thought-patterns and old beliefs, because stepping into the light is truly the unknown, truly something you've not yet experienced in this lifetime?


An exercise for you:  Sit.  Take several deep breaths down into your stomach and focus your energy down in this area.  Visualize what future you're wanting-- a future without illness, without anxiety, with abundance of all you could possibly need.  Whatever it is you're wanting.  Let your imagination conjure up images and sensations of this future you're longing to step into, and see yourself in those images.  Just allow yourself to feel the joy and relief from living that life.  See and feel as if it were your reality right now-- it isn't silly to daydream this way, all of reality begins with a thought, an idea.  Let this flow as long as you need or want.  Five minutes at least.


Now.  Sit quietly and allow your thoughts to bubble up.  Do not resist, just let them come.  Energetically, pull your energy and focus backwards, lean back and let the thoughts bubble before you and watch them.  Do you notice you're watching?  Listening?  Observing?  This is YOU observing.  Which means the thoughts bubbling up are NOT really you.  There's a difference.


Now.  Open your eyes, and journal if you can.  Write about what you experienced when you allowed yourself to feel and see that future.  The joy, the relief, the relaxation, the exhilaration.  Journal about your thoughts after that-- and they likely centred on your unworthiness, how silly the exercise was, your lack of power, and so on.  See how these contradict?  To bring in, to call in the images of the first, you need to be aware and release the thought forms from the second.  And you can.  You can choose to let them go every time they come up by being aware and then acknowledging that they are not you!

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