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Spirit Says: Meet Yourself Where You're At

Spirit Says: Meet Yourself Where You're At

I'm traveling through some mud right now.  Nothing intensely dramatic, but some mud nonetheless.  The kind of mud that comes with parenting children, particularly when one is a strong-willed, fiery child.  One who teaches me endlessly about patience and how my capacity for empathy can always be re-examined.  We've also been dealing with health challenges.  Again, nothing we can't handle, nothing we won't come out the other side of stronger and more enlightened by.  


I'm exhausted.


Amidst all of this parenting muck, I've also been re-examining my goals, my projects, and what I wish to bring to the world with my gifts.  What I wish to be a conduit for, and in what way.  I confess to not being educated much in the way of astrology, but it is fascinating to me how these Retrogrades do seem to bring out my slow-down-and-re-examine ways of being.  Add to this the upcoming New Moon, my impending birthday, and I've got myself a perfect storm of introspection.


So for today, I wanted to share a little something that has come up in my meditations, because I believe we all need to be reminded every now and again.



You're there for a reason, after all.


Your path is yours.  It's a gift, a tremendous gift.  One to be savoured and taken in, rather than rushed through or used as a tool for comparison.  Resist the urge to bob that head around to see where everyone else is at-- most especially if it is distracting you from honing in on where you are.


There's no right or wrong.  Rather, it is whether or not you're feeling the way you'd like to be feeling.  Rather feel a little more joyful?  A little more light-hearted?  Okay.  So what steps can you take to attract that vibration?  Rather feel a little more focused?  What practical action can you take to bring that feeling into your existence?


But don't mistake these steps for resisting where you are, either.  You can only work from where you are currently in this moment.  If you'd rather feel full of energy and have that pep in your step, there's no sense in attempting to attract that vibration until you acknowledge that maybe you've been giving too much and need to re-group.  You can't feel joyful until you acknowledge that you're not feeling joyful.  


It sounds rather simple, rather obvious.  But the truth is, that oftentimes we're rushing to compare our state of being with those around us.  Or we're too busy beating ourselves up for not feeling the way we'd like to, that we fail to honour where we are presently.  


You're feeling the way you're feeling for a reason, so let that be an invitation to heal up some energy before you move on.


Another thing: Your intuition is a voice of LOVE.  So.  If you're hearing a voice telling you how you "should" be feeling, what you "should" be doing, or where you "should" be, consider that this judgement is not your intuitive knowing.  It's not a voice of loving guidance that has your healing and highest good at heart. 


So, slow down.  Take some time to feel out where you are.  Acknowledge where you're at.  Resist the urge to rush on to "improvements" or "shoulds."  Let any less-than-appealing sensations be the breadcrumbs that lead you to what you'd rather be attracting.


Gentle compassion is where it's at.

Use your breath to lead you to what to release next.

Use your breath to lead you to what to release next.


PS Interested in hearing about how even the most connected-to-Spirit needs to find their humanity sometimes?  Check out this powerful video post by Sarah Petruno.


Wishing you self-compassion on your journey.

Sat Nam.


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