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An Ode to Sisters: How I Got Here and Who I Can Thank

An Ode to Sisters: How I Got Here and Who I Can Thank

Last Edited November 2016


Hi. My name is Laura Biddle, and I am many things.  

I am a mother (to three-- one boy, and two little gals).  I am a partner to the man I fell in love with 11 years ago.  I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend.  

I am a self-titled "birth junkie," working within the birthing community to help empower and encourage women to remember- and own- their innate Goddess power.

I'm a student herbalist- ever expanding my hippie, witchy concoction of herbal medicines.

I am a former actor who has never quite given up on my love of the performing arts, much to the amusement of my partner, who says our one daughter clearly takes after me.

I am also a medium/healer/psychic/intuitive/teacher/cheerleader with a Shamanistic bent to the way I practice.  I am always expanding this part of me as well, open to learning from others, open to morphing the way I practice and what I offer.  

I subscribe to the belief that mediumship is so much more than the old stereotypical model of days passed.

I am so lucky to have opened to, and accepted, my path in this life.  Prior to realizing that I could connect to and communicate with Spirit, I spent a lot of time repeatedly saying, "I just feel like there's more.  I'm not contributing the way I would like to."  But I couldn't put my finger on how I wanted to, what I was supposed to be doing.  

I knew there were facets of myself, passions, abilities, that were meant to play a role in what I did.  But I felt like a puzzle trying to come together.  I felt pretty frustrated, confused, and lost.

Like anything in life, finding my way has meant meeting- and learning from- so many folks.  Some experiences pleasant, others not-so-much.  But in every situation, a kernel, a nugget, an "aha."

In this post, I wanted to introduce you to a few of my teachers.

These women are who I consider to be Sisters on my spiritual path.  I admire their work, have been inspired by them, supported by them, and am proud to call them friends.  

I count my lucky stars that I have been lead to them at various points on my journey.  We don't go this life alone.  It's much easier suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (told you I was dramatic),  when you know there are like-minded and brilliant souls out there who have your back.

Without further adieu, here they are (in no particular order of importance!):


Leigh Bowen

I met Leigh while still in University and on the path to professional acting, about ten years ago.  A fellow artist, I felt drawn to her stunningly beautiful and passionate soul.  I was truly moved by her commitment to her spiritual path, and how she combined it so seamlessly with the other areas of her life-- the mark of a genuine seeker.

I can also say that Leigh was the person who introduced me to the very karmic pattern readings that I eventually trained in being able to give myself.  She saw something in me when all I saw was a swirl of confusion and overwhelm.  We kept in touch even as I moved from the city and started my family.  Every once in a while, I'd find an email in my inbox-- an invitation to explore the mysterious world of mediumship, an encouragement to meet one of her teachers, or an update on what she was up to.  It was Leigh who opened my eyes to kundalini yoga as well.  

She's one ball of inspiration and love, this one!  Otherworldly yoga instructor, medium, healer, channel, and a mama too!  I'm mega grateful to call her a friend.  I think it is safe to say that she was the first catalyst of them all to send me off down this path.  Wahe Guru!

Keep your eyes peeled on Leigh's offerings and teachings.  She's a phenomenal conduit and incredibly, incredibly gifted.

Ananda Shakti

I was fortunate enough to meet Ananda Shakti through Leigh, and I am so grateful that I did!  My first encounter with Ananda Shakti was when I took a weekend training in learning how to teach Yoga Nidra.  At that point, I already knew I was meant to train deeper with her, but I suppose I wanted validation for my intuitive knowing of this.

After receiving my Core Pattern reading with Leigh, which among other things, validated for me my desire to train with Ananda, I committed to stepping forward.

Ananda has been an incredible wealth of the most gorgeous knowledge.  She is so fully and completely committed to inspiring Love in others that it seeps from her every breath and pore.  She is gentle, patient, and sweet, and her sense of humour is delightful and joy-inspiring.  Her offerings are vast and deep.

Sarah Petruno

Sarah Petruno, well known teacher and shamana of Sarah Petruno Shamanism, came into my awareness when I stumbled onto her site one day, researching Shamanism.  

(A couple of years back, just prior to learning about her, I'd been outside hanging my laundry, contemplating my life path.  Out of seemingly nowhere, I heard a voice different than my own say "Medicine Woman."  I had no idea what the heck a "medicine woman" was, what that meant to me, or how it pertained to what I had been pondering.  I actually don't think I've ever shared that with anyone until now.  True story).

Enter Sarah's website and her pretty incredible collection of blog articles.

I ended up purchasing a distance healing from Sarah.  At that particular point, I understood that for me to be a clear conduit for others, I needed to heal and clear myself.  This is true for intuitives no matter where they are in their given journeys.  After all, we're all human with Ego, wounds, and blind spots.

Sarah's connection to Spirit is a strong one, no doubt about it.  Her work ethic, creativity, and passion are rock solid.  I've had the pleasure of purchasing a few of her wide array of offerings since that first healing.  She's also very, very graciously given me some invaluable tips and support along the way.  I'm beyond grateful to have "stumbled into" this gifted fellow work-from-home mama who always keeps it real!


Amanda Linette Meder

I found Amanda's site at a rather serendipitous point in time.  She's hard to miss-- her blog article collection boasts over 600 pieces(!) that range from serving the "beginner" to the more advanced intuitive.

Amanda is actually Sarah Petruno's twin sister, so it comes as no surprise that she is most incredibly gifted at both working with Spirit and teaching.  

In moments of doubt, curiosity, and thirst for validation, I have found Amanda's site to be invaluable.  She has a very lovely way of taking the seemingly intangible and curiously confusing, and laying it out in a way that is accessible and useful.   

In a moment of sheer brilliance (okay, okay, so I was guided to by my Guides), I signed up for her Membership Program.  In it, I not only found a plethora of guidance, activities, and realistic tools, but I also met a fantastic group of intuitives all in one go!  A community and access to one-of-a-kind toolkit.  Thank you, Guides!  Thank you, Amanda!  Like my other Sisters here, Amanda has patiently and graciously provided me with nuggets of wisdom and empathy that I will forever be grateful for.

In addition to her blog, Amanda's site contains her shop which is a wealth of products for any stage in the game.  I recommend giving it a good and thorough look because you are certain to find something.  May I suggest checking out her newest offering, Transcendence?  You can find my review of that here.

Raven Magill

I won't lie, I don't recall how exactly I found Raven's work!  I believe she was linked to in a post or article written by Amanda.  In any case, straight away, I appreciated Raven's voice and energy.  Her blog is home to some really lovely articles that resonate and provoke contemplation.  

Raven has birthed herself into quite the blend of psychic medium/coach/healer.  She also provides free card and energy readings monthly on her youtube channel.  And girlfriend writes too!  I know.  I don't know how she finds time to sleep.

I received a distance reading from Raven at a point in time when I was neck-deep in transitions and feeling quite anxious.  Her knack for providing such richly detailed imagery and messages was awe-inspiring.  The way in which she connected me to my Guides was both comforting and exciting.  It was as if she was clarifying what I already knew at a Soul level.  (The way any outstanding reading should, really.  Well, in my humble opinion).  

I've also the pleasure of owning Raven's nature inspired Faerie's Nature Oracle card deck.  I'm really quite thankful that I felt guided to purchase these gems!  They're unlike anything I own in my card collection.  Check Raven out.  She does all that she does with such love and down-to-earth-ness that is such a unique combination of magical and "real."

And there ya are... a compilation of some of my teachers, mentors, friends... Sisters... 

I'd be remiss if  I did not say how I've been fortunate to learn from many other Sisters in this life of mine.  Mamas and members of my local community.  My old theatre school cohorts.  Local community theatre drama queens (and kings).  Birthing community enthusiasts.  Amanda's Membership program.  Other kindred spirits who I wasn't sure if I could mention or "out."  I hope you know who you all are- if you're reading this.  I am indebted for the lessons you've guided me to and through, the support, and the love (tough and gentle).  

And to those who've taught me by ways of being the mirror I may have needed but was reluctant to face at the time- thank you, too.  Perhaps our times together were brief.  Perhaps they were tumultuous.  Perhaps we are both grateful to have moved onward on separate paths.  In any case, I've nothing but gratitude to have integrated the wisdom gained from our times together, and I wish you well.

In Sisterhood. 
In Brotherhood.
In the Connection that we all are,
no matter how you Identify.
One Love.
Sat Nam.

If Sisterhood and Tribe call to you, intrigue you, or you feel a deep longing for connection, you may be interested in Sisterhood Circle: a Journey of Healing, Celebration, and Manifestation.  It is a channeled meditation designed to call in ALL of your Sisterhood Tribe, across all of space and time, from all life times.  

Once again, know your Sisters and heal old woundings with them.  Tap into their guidance and support and unconditional love.  Call them in to manifest the relationships you long to have in this lifetime, now.  This one is a doozy, I promise.  You can find it in my Shop.

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