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Spirit Speaks: the week of June 12th 2016

Spirit Speaks: the week of June 12th 2016

"Dear One,

We wish to speak to you at this time on the subject of Trust.  

Trust is linked strongly with the experiences of both forgiveness and faith.  You may assume that what we speak of is the encouragement of forgiveness of those you seek to trust.  And while you would be right-- forgiveness is the key to living and existing with an open heart and mind-- forgiveness is a gift you give to your own heart first and foremost.

Forgiveness lifts a heavy burden the Ego is both proud and resentful to carry.

So, Dear Child, what we ultimately ask of you is can you forgive yourself for assuming the best of everyone?  Can you release the shame you might feel surrounding the label "naive," as some might call it, to trust so earnestly?

When it comes to trust, you need to trust your own Heart first.  Your Heart that both longs to experience the connection of all, as well as knows what is in your best and highest good.  

Can you trust that your Heart will be heard over the relentless voice of your accusatory Ego, should you be betrayed?  In other words, can you trust that you will carry your Heart (albeit a little bruised) forward into the world, continuing to love your brothers and sisters?  Can you trust that you will be okay, that you have the capacity to heal, learn, and get back up again, always?

The truth is, beloved one, that if you feel the need to ask, and you ask with a truly open heart, then you need to listen to that small seed of doubt which has sprouted.  And not out of fear, not out of judgement, not out of condemnation.  But rather out of a respect for your own inner compass.  

These feelings of doubt, when from the inner voice of Love rather than the harsh voice of the Ego, are invaluable.  

The uneasiness in your stomach.  The second-guesses in your heart.  You desire to gloss over them to avoid conflict.  But the body never lies.

When someone is untrustworthy, take comfort in knowing that this has to do with their own stories and woundings, and it is not a mark against you personally.  Your Ego will desire to make it personal as this fuels drama and fear.  Resist this urge, dear one.  Release in the name of Love and wish them well.

Connecting with us is but another exercise of trust!  We speak through sensations, whispers, and knowings.  Sit quietly and with a heart of gratitude for the beautiful connections and love in your life.  Breathing deeply, envision an opening at the crown of your head.  See a stream of Divine Light stream down to connect with this opening, as well as surround you and blanket you.  

Ask, and then observe the silence.  Feel the silence.  There is no need to reach outwards, we both surround and speak within."

Much gratitude for the honour of connection to receive for you this week.  (I will share that I personally enjoy surrounding myself or holding onto a piece of Selenite will connecting to the Angelic realm.  Of course it isn't necessary, just a supplementary tool.  It helps to raise the vibrations nicely.  I believe they mentioned tapping into gratitude for this same reason).

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Sat Nam.


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