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Transcendence: My Review of an Audio Teaching/Healing

Transcendence: My Review of an Audio Teaching/Healing

I would love to share my thoughts on a recent experience with Transcendence, an audio teaching and healing program developed and channeled by Amanda Linette Meder.

Like many intuitives, I've followed Amanda on social media and her extensive blog for quite some time now.  I also sing the praises of her Membership program, a place not only of continued education and expansion for the intuitive, but also a place to meet other individuals worthy of learning from.  It's a place of the give and take of support, something that can be tricky to find for a practicing intuitive.

So, back to Transcendence.  

The healing, the teaching.

Transcendence is 3-piece set of audio recordings "designed as an all-in-one healing and teaching for expansion, growth, and manifestation, that's great for advancing you to your next level in gift development, business strategy or positive lifestyle change." 

The three pieces are designed as a tier of sorts: Lift, Create, Elevate.  They each build on one another, lifting, inspiring, and giving practical wisdom all at once.

You simply find the space in your schedule where you are least distracted and most able to absorb, pop in some earbuds, and that's it!  Let the healing begin!

My experience:

I found that listening to the audio -- just simply listening-- was a healing and rejuvenating experience.  I found myself soothed and comforted.  I could feel my Guides stepping in to surround me, as if they were all whispering, "It's okay, this is what we've wanted to tell you," followed by words of encouragement, reassurance, and validation. 

I found that even in the instances where I may not have been learning anything new per say, the framing of the guidance or teaching still set off profound and lovely "aha" moments.  

I had moments of clarity around why I thought or felt a certain way that I did.  And for me, understanding what makes me tick, or why humanity ticks a particular way, or why something unfolds in a particular way, is always inspiring and empowering.  

It's like looking at something from a different perspective: it's reinvigorating.

It's never a bad idea to attempt to see the world through the eyes of someone else.

I received so much validation for the path I am on, the choices I have made and continue to make, and where I would like to go.

Validation is akin to someone wrapping you in a hug of support.  It can be hugely underrated, validation can.  

I was given a clearer picture of why the unfolding of my path is occurring the way it is.  

Any intuitive knows, practicing professionally can feel like a massive gamble.  First of all, it's entrepreneurship, which is grossly intimidating (as much as it is liberation).  Second of all, it's not as if you can just hop on the phone with just anyone to pick their brain about blending and using the intuitive-based senses with practical business steps to make money.

Listening to Transcendence was like being on that phone call with my Guides.  

Practical advice married with the subtle speak of the psychic senses.

Prior to listening to Transcendence, I had a few very skeletal ideas of what I wanted to create and give to the world, to in turn help support my family.  But I felt scattered, overwhelmed, and lost, to be frank.  

I felt as if I wanted to do it all, but I didn't have the time, I didn't really know if I was on the right path, and I struggled to feel confident and assured.

Since listening to Transcendence, I feel more focused, empowered, and supported.

I have clarity around my path and purpose.  I'm okay with where I am at now-- no guilt, no shame, no overwhelm-- because I have an anchor and better sense of my unique purpose within the world.  No more comparing myself to all of the other offers, work, and input out there.

I've felt the layers of old fear peeling off, just by listening.  Just by being. There was no need to do anything.

I was able to learn, shed, expand, and be elevated just by finding a few hours here and there to listen and soak in the vibration of the words.  And the beauty is, I can do it all again whenever I need re-inspiring or support!

At the time of this writing, I am entering a phase of creation.  I've been inspired to create some pretty powerful work that will not only facilitate the healing and empowering of many hungry for it, but it will also help to create so much abundance in my life and the life of my family.  It's win-win.

But best of all, with the new perspective of my own personal creative flow, I can respect that process with love, patience, and compassion.  I can create from a place of excitement and joy,  rather than from a place of pressure and anxiety.

And that's transformational.  That's transcendence.  That kind of excitement and inspiration flows out of me and to everyone I touch.

Wishing you elevation, inspiration, and healing the creative areas of your life.
Sat Nam.

***please note, all opinions above are my own.  I was not compensated to share my opinions or review.  I simply wanted to do it because I believe in the program, benefitted from it, and believe that others will too.

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