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Spirit Speaks: The week of May 29th 2016

Spirit Speaks: The week of May 29th 2016

I am shown a glowing, radiant ball of light.  It is absolutely electrical- bright white and blue.  Dancing off of this ball, there are strands or rays of electrical energy.  It reminds me of something you might see at a Science Museum.  


I am now shown a figure- representing you- inside this ball of energy.  Outside of this ball, many figures-- Spirit and otherwise.  They hold their hands up and out at chest height, palms facing toward you.


"Healing is an awareness- it begins with an awareness."


Your willingness to be aware is the first step.    


I'm given an image of you washing your bare legs with a cloth.  As the image builds, I notice that you aren't simply "washing," you are scrubbing at them- at every fleck of possible dirt, real or imagined.  Your skin becomes red and clearly irritated.


"Gentle now."


The Guides and Angels are saying to me now, "There is no perfect way, there is no perfectly flawless outcome."  Release your expectations of it going down in a particular way, it needing to take a specific form, or of their being a new and improved you that you have to create.  Rather, this is about recognizing the stories and films of misperceptions that have been laid on you for many years, which now influence how you see yourself.


Your flaws- your compassion for them- are a tool in the toolkit for being a conduit of healing energy.  


I am shown you seated now, sitting face to face with another.  You converse.  There is a green light that surrounds you, that fills your aura.  A very faint, very soft purple light surrounds the other.  Your eyes glow, you are at peace.  And as you converse with this person, the green light cocooning you begins to build until it more closely resembles the electric ball in the first image.  The rays of light begin to shoot out until one reaches the Heart of the person you speak to.  Sparks fly. This Heart is now illuminated.  The purple surrounding the sparked Heart builds in intensity, in brightness, and spreads to cover the entire person.  No longer a greyish purple, it is now completely rich with vibrant colour.  The purples and greens of this image begin to dance and intermingle with one another.


I am now shown an image of books and a journal spread out over a bed.  You lay on your stomach, writing.


And another image, you seated in a chair with your eyes closed, palms face up in your lap.  You are meditation.  The light from your crown shoots out and up, opening itself to receive.  "Just listen." 


Listen with your body, your Heart, your gut.  But to listen means to lean back and receive.  This is different from leaning forward and straining.  You are your first and ultimate Teacher.  You- that Light within.  To work with others on this path and journey is fine- and necessary- but learning to discern for yourself what resonates with you and what doesn't, what comes into your awareness authentically versus what another tells you is so, is key.

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