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Attention Spiritual Seeker: Get Off Your High Horse

Attention Spiritual Seeker: Get Off Your High Horse

There are times that as seekers, we can tend to delve into a Holier Than Thou territory.  A mistaken belief- a story- in which we carry an energy that we are better than because we're more advanced in thought and soul growth.  We know more, and therefore we're not at the same level as those ignorant and blind ones yet to "awaken."

It's okay.  We've all been there.  You can blush, I can blush... even at an unconscious level, we've done it.  (Pssst... it's part of the Oneness, too).  

It's with a gentle and honest voice now that I intend to take us down a notch.  Give a firm but loving little nudge in the behind, if you will.

Yes, we are aware on a more subtle level.  This is beautiful and as it should be.  But there is no "better than."  And I would argue against the statement of "knowing more" because on a Soul level every single being knows where it came from and why it is here.  We just happen to remember right now, is all.  And you know what?  We have moments where we forget, or lose faith, or lose sight, don't we?

Those "ignorant and blind ones," those who don't believe, seemingly aren't interested, don't have the same level of trust, or have a different set of stories around their beliefs, they're all a part of the oneness all the same.  They're on their journey, intended for their lessons, and it is just perfect and right for them.  They are here to teach, learn, grow, and reach for joy,  just the same as we are.  And we can learn from them, too.

The concept that some awakened folks are gifted with spiritual sight or extra perceptions, while others are not, is a bunch of baloney, too.  

Another misperception of many seekers.  

It is true that as you awaken, you may re-discover your ability of clairvoyance or experience the wonderful thrilling gift of clairaudience, to name just a few of the other senses.  You may find yourself connecting with other realms, or other beings.  Amazing!

But please don't be mistaken by the idea that because this is happening, you're more entitled or important.  These are the spiritual gifts of the soul, beloved.  These are inherent within all.  They are.  You just happened to have been blessed right now with the remembering and re-activation of them.  And there is a reason for this.  These are gifts, so use them with intention and sincere gratitude.  Use them in the name of Love.

It is true that some may never remember their extra senses in this lifetime, and maybe some are simply not meant to for their purposes within this life time, perhaps.  But that is between their souls and All-That-Is.  And it does not make them less than.

The real problem with these terminologies and views: seeker versus non-seeker, awakened versus non-awakened, gifted versus non-gifted, are they segregate.  They add to the illusion of separation.  They pit one group against another.  They imply a hierarchy within humanity, which is also an illusion.  

We Are One.  And the real purpose for awakening is to remember this.  So, as a spiritual seeker, as one who is awakening to the universal truths, we have a responsibility.  We should hold ourselves to a higher standard of living with compassion and all-encompassing love.  We should be more cognizant of the reality that we're all the same at our core.  Rather than getting on a pedestal, or being smug with the story that we know more, we are called to put out into the world that which we want to see.  

In Oneness, celebrating gifts and awarenesses of all kinds.
Sat Nam.

PS As an intuitive, sometimes this false sense of superiority comes from a deep fear and need to strike out against competition.  Watch this for what I have to say about that, and know that your Light is far stronger than your Ego.

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