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Give What You Need

Give What You Need

Last Edited November 2016

At first this sounds like a trick statement, right?  

"How could I possibly give what I need?  The reason I need it is because I don't have it."

And yes, that could be one way of looking at things.

Except that that thought form, that perspective is one of lack.  It vibrates to the tune of scarcity.  Which, inevitably, just brings you more of that same vibration.  You're magnetic with your thoughts.  It's a cyclical thing.  

As humans, we tend to have very limiting beliefs about ourselves, our world, and the possibilities within it.  We believe that it's silly to dream big, it's naive to assume that we can have anything we want.  We're taught that some people strike gold in life, while others are made to suffer.  The Haves and the Have Nots.

But what if I told you that this reality and perspective- at its core- is a state of mind?  

This is not to say that some don't have more challenging circumstances.  Yes, some do seem to be born into an easier way of being in the world, right from the get-go.  But all of that is a part of the Divine plan.  It's a part of the Soul Contracts made, and the lessons meant to be learned.  It's all a part of re-discovering and coming back to the Love that we are.  

Some do seemingly have it harder than others.  For this, we can have compassion and awareness for our brothers' and sisters' need of extra support.  But truly, we're given the explanations around the "why" all in due time.

It might also be said that in the witness of someone else's suffering, this stance of "Give What You Need" rings stronger than ever.  Never is it more of a necessity.

Give What You Need.

In other words, remember your Oneness.  Remember the connection between us all.  That, ultimately, we are but of the same energy.  Not one of us is better or more deserving than another of compassion, forgiveness, and love.  Everyone is deserving of these.

Yes.  Everyone.  

Even the perpetrator of the most hideous of acts.  Please consider that forgiveness is NOT the condoning of an act.  Forgiveness and second chances are not necessarily one and the same.  It is not saying, "Yes, we're okay with this and we'll allow for you to do it again."  Quite the contrary, really.  Because forgiveness is given and rooted in love, and love would never stand for an act that is anything less than loving.

What forgiveness is, is a willingness to recognize that underneath a vile and hurtful act is a broken heart, a deep wound, and a Soul crying out for love in the only way it knows how.  It is a willingness to stand firm in the decision that this person may need to experience the consequence of boundaries.  It is also an understanding that this person may not be sorry for what they've done.  Nevertheless, forgiveness is what is called for.  The awakened one gives forgiveness, sets their own personal boundaries, and trusts that the unfolding has occurred for a reason bigger than the physical eyes can see or the physical brain can understand.

The awakened one might also learn that one day they might rely on the compassion of forgiveness.  They might find some personal truth- some oneness- while looking into the soul of the perpetrator they once struggled to forgive. 

Give What You Need.  See Others As You Want to be Seen.

Interested in clearing out the misperceptions and stories blocking you from seeing yourself in another?  Wanting to forgive, but you're not sure how to even begin?  Try this or this.

Wishing you the clearest of mirrors with which to see yourself in.
In compassion and love.
Sat Nam.

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