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Spirit Speaks: the week of June 5th 2016

Spirit Speaks: the week of June 5th 2016

I have a Spirit presenting to me as a young boy-- I would say between the ages of eight and eleven, though I do feel a strong pull toward the number 10.  He has curly blondish brown hair and freckles across his nose.  He stands to my right.  He has the sweetest disposition-- he's quiet and seems a little shy.  It's taking some coaxing to get him to communicate with me, though it is clear that he wants to be present.  He shows me an image of a rose and I get massive chills following that, signifying their importance and that I relay that message.


I explain to him that if he would like to give a message, he can show me pictures or share his thoughts in words or feelings, whichever is easiest.  He nods.  I would venture to guess that he is just learning to communicate in such a way, that this is a learning curve.  Shivers again.


I tell him it's okay, we're going to take this nice and slow.  I ask him if it is his mom he's wanting to get a message to.  I feel an immediate wash of emotions.  It starts in my chest and builds up and up into my throat until there is a sensation of swallowing tears.  Of not wanting to let it out, out of a fear that it will never stop.  At first, I assume this must be the way he is feeling, but no, it's his mom.  He's letting me know that he's been with her and saw her fight to keep composure, fight to bottle it all in.  She's the tough one, the strong one, the one who holds it all together.  The one who doesn't give herself permission to lose control.  Shivers.


An image now of what first looks like a thick comforter blanket, or a duvet, in a heap on a bed.  But the heap moves and I see there's a woman beneath it, seated, shoulders hunched with the blanket drawn around her.  She sobs.  It's a build up that's finally shaking loose in the privacy of a bedroom.  I ask him if he's been there, if he's seen this, if he's sat with her through these painful times.  Shivers.  Yes, she's not been alone though that is the way it's felt.


I am shown a hand- an adult's- with a smaller hand laid over top of it.


He shows me an image of him eating an ice cream cone.  He holds it to his mouth, eating it happily.  I ask him what the significance is of this, and he just continues to show me the same thing-- the ice cream covers his face, but he seems SO happy and proud of eating this ice cream cone.


My perspective shifts, and now it would seem that I see through his eyes. I am in a grocery store, moving through the produce section.  I am at a park-- I see a bright red slide and blue climbing equipment.  A library-- a soft grey couch with children's books piled high on the table in front of it.  A painting easel.  The images come fast and furious.  


"I can be everywhere now.  I can do anything."  The first string of words I hear!  Shivers.


I see an image of a bunch of blue balloons being released into the sky.  They separate, all floating up and up and up beyond tree tops, beyond the building tops.  I watch as they float away and become smaller and smaller.  Shivers.


An image of a bunch of small ducks.  Behind them, a small river or body of water.  The duckling I am drawn to is yellowish-brown and I feel a huge sense of childlike delight as I see this little creature.  


I ask this sweet boy if there's anything else he is wanting to share today- for his mom or whoever is meant to read this.  He blows a kiss.  Huge grin.  I feel so much love in my heart.  


I thank him for coming to see me today, and for trusting me to deliver his message.  I tell him I know it takes some hard work and energy to share, and that his mom will be so proud and so thankful, that I am so proud and so thankful.  I tell him it's only a matter of practice on both the parts of himself and his mom, and they'll be feeling each other's love in this exact way.  I tell him to just be patient with his mama as she feels through her pain.  Soon enough, that pain will lift enough for her to trust when she senses he is around.  I feel he understands.


I see him back up now into a channel of light.  

I bow and give much thanks for the opportunity and honour of connecting and communicating today in the name of Love, Light, Healing, and integrating the painful aspects of existence.

Sat Nam.

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