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"Where is Your Happiness" A Channeled Message

"Where is Your Happiness" A Channeled Message

A channeled message, brought to you by Archangel Michael, Archangel Haniel, and Archangel Raphael.

"What if we told you you are enveloped in Love, despite the running list of to-dos you feel the compulsive need to complete so that you might be 'there,' you might be 'set'?

Dear One, before you, you set these demands of yourself.  You place your happiness, your contentment, your joy, your relief on the road way ahead of you.  You base your happiness on your accomplishments.  You base your relief on some platform in the future.  And the future may as well be an illusion, Beloved.  Because anything other than this very moment-- this intake of breath-- does not exist.

The "doing" is a necessity in the world of the physical.  The physical being is a creature of action, a creature of creation.  And creation does require "doing." 


The "doing" can come from a place of joy, of appreciation.  It can come from an awareness that creating is a gift and an honour that you have here in this lifetime.  If it is drudgery, ask yourself why that is and how you might change your energy behind it, how you might choose to see another way.

These stories you tell yourself around "having to" complete a task in order to feel better, in order to attain some sort of satisfaction, praise, acceptance, relief, they are just that-- stories.

You may choose to heal these stories.  And this requires the release of resistance to them.  This requires watching them, observing them, from the Space which you truly exist in.  The Now.  Do not judge them.  Push them not away.  Do not live within them.  Step back and observe.  As they are given their space to surface, and as you starve them of their fuel- which is energy given to them, belief that they are real - you will find that they fall away.

You are only ever this moment.  And this moment is not the list in your head, the running commentary.  This moment is the expansive, illuminated, pulsing power of infinity-- a reality that you have the power to respond to in whichever way you choose.

What are you resisting?  What are you being called to in this moment that you are hearing you 'cannot do' or 'must do'?

Your passions- whether encased in fear or love- are only ever callings of the Soul to look deeper within itself.  Callings to bring something to the Light.  Aspects of you needing to be expressed so that you might realize yourself more fully."

Wishing you the awareness of your infinite power of possibilities.

Sat Nam.


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