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Make Your Outsides Match Your Insides

Make Your Outsides Match Your Insides

Last edited November 2016.

I wanted to share some guidance I received recently from my own Guides.

A call to slow down, take stock, take note, take notice...

A call to listen to what I really wanted.

I'd been running around, feeling a little all-over-the-place.  I felt I had a whole list of to-dos and goals that I wanted to accomplish in all areas of my life, and I felt I was failing because I couldn't settle long enough on any of them to really get started.  

You know that feeling?  That scattered, ungrounded, unfocused feeling?  How does that make you feel?  Angry?  Flustered?  Depressed?  Apathetic?  

I'll tell you what it makes me feel like.  Like a failure.  My ego-mind jumps in with a thousand judgements per second, and instantly I'm compared to everyone around me who seems so much more accomplished, organized, and driven.

Worst of all, this drives me to be harsh with everyone around me: I go into nagging mode with my kids, I am short with my partner, and I begin to judge where everyone else is at.

No bueno.

In the midst of my latest craze, my Guides whispered ever patiently and gently the following words:

"Make your outsides match your insides."

I looked around.  And I realized that my surroundings were a bit in chaos.  Kinda like my mind.  So, I cleaned that up.  I cleared out my bedroom and tossed what I no longer needed.  Donated old things that would certainly be new to someone else.  Washed and aired out my sheets.

And then, I also realized that I needed to steep myself in beauty.  That my heart longed for it.  The kind of beauty that sometimes feels like a lot of work.  The kind of beauty that, as a day-to-day mom of three, can be brushed off as "superfluous" both in effort and cost.

But for my thoughts to be beautiful- to take the time to slow and smell the roses- I needed to plant some darn roses!

To draw in peace, abundance, and gratitude, I needed to set up those pathways.

To attract beauty, I need to surround myself with beauty.  Like attracts like.  Beautiful thoughts, beautiful environment begets more beautiful thoughts and an even more beautiful environment.

Don't get me wrong here.  This is not about materialism.  This isn't about how much "stuff" you can surround yourself with, or how you need "stuff" to be happy.


We are physical beings living in a physical world.  And it's up to us to create that physical world we want to be in.  Furthermore, we are influenced and connected to our environment.  Surround yourself with grey and, well, you feel grey, right?

So, I've been matching my outsides to my insides.  I've been planting the flower gardens I always said I would do and just hadn't gotten around to doing.  I've been digging my hands deep into the mulch, connecting myself to the Great Mother, and feeling really proud of my work.  I've been slowing down, and gently reminding myself that this isn't superfluous.  That this matters.  I matter.

And, you know what?  I feel the difference.  And I've made connections I wouldn't have made otherwise, with folks wanting to help me on my path to beautifying my surroundings.  It's working already.

Wishing you an outside that matches your glorious, radiant, loving insides.

Sat Nam.

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