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You've Got This: a pep talk for "those" kinds of days

You've Got This: a pep talk for "those" kinds of days

At the time of this writing, it's been that kind of morning.

The kind that feels like (nearly) everyone woke on the wrong side of the bed.  Like there isn't enough coffee in the world to give me the physical boost I feel I need, and that I am dragging myself with everything I have through the puddles of snot, tears, and tantrums.

It's been the kind of morning where I find myself muttering swear words under my breath, gritting my teeth, and biting back harsh words I know I'd regret saying.  

The kind of morning where I find myself digging very deep for those past moments of gratitude.  Reminding myself that "this too shall pass."

I find that experiences like these call for a delicate balance of humour (albeit dark), allowance of frustration, gratitude, and enough perspective to know that somewhere, someone is struggling more than I am.  That, in comparison, this is a walk in the park.  But that it's okay that (inside) I still feel like throwing my own tantrum.

Here's the reality: we're never handed anything that we cannot handle.

Everything is a call to our deepest powers of Love.

Every time we feel the most frustrated we swear we've ever felt before.  Every time we truly think we cannot take another step forward.  Every time we are on the absolute verge of losing our minds and our last scrap of patience has been spent, and we're in tears on the floor sobbing....

... There's another reservoir left inside.  It may be a small one.  It may be enough to last only one more minute before calling Time Out.  But it's in there.  It's within us.

And that is because, at our core, we are Infinite Love.  

The thing is, these flowery, floaty words of wisdom, spirituality, inner-peace, and soul lessons, they are all well and good.  They sound pretty.  They sound peaceful.  They're cool to stumble upon on Pinterest or Instagram.  But they're just words, just theory, until actually put to the test.  

They're just lip service unless you actually integrate and use them.

Every test of your patience and call to your compassion is a deep calling to integrate what you know to be true on a Soul level.

The kids driving you bananas?  The "jerk" who just humiliated you?  The "unfair" situation you just found yourself in?  All of it is a call to dig deep, to breathe, to examine what needs healing.  

All of it mirrors for you to see yourself clearer in.

So.  The next time you're going to begin to hyperventilate out of rage, exhaustion, or defeat, remember this: You've got this.  You've got this because you were made to expand.  You're limitless with more than enough strength, compassion, and brilliance to go around.  I promise.

You may need to step away for a breather.  You may need to call in backup while you regain your balance.  You may need to go on a walk, or throw on a face mask in a moment of reprieve.  But I swear to you- I promise to you- that reserve is deep in there.  And you can surrender and breathe long enough for it to come to the surface.  You can.

Wishing you the realization of your deepest powers of Love.  And the best chocolate money can buy while you contemplate it. 

Sat Nam.

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