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Not Everyone Wants to Hear What You Have to Say

Not Everyone Wants to Hear What You Have to Say

Not everyone wants to hear what you have to say.

Or, rather, not everyone is ready for what you have to say.

There is a vibration, a series of vibrations sent out as you speak from the depths of your being.  The energy rising up and out is released- your words and subtext, body language and intention all carried together and intertwined.

The energetic fields upon which these vibrations land will not always be a match.  The landing message will not always be a resonant one to the recipient's field. 

This happens for many reasons.  None of which mean that your Truth is not sacred and not deserving of being told.  It must be said that it is experiences such as this which seem to impress upon most living humans that their truths are not sacred, not worthy, not important.  It can be challenging to gather up the nerve to demonstrate and speak out once again when it seems your truth has fallen upon deaf ears.  Or worse, been denied.

The lack of chemistry, the lack of magnetization between your shared thoughts and those you share them with is not a negative thing.

Here is the root of the root: it is either Love or it is Fear.  Differing vibrations, differing shades of the two colours.  

If you speak from Love, of Love, and it lands into the field of Fear, then there might not be a connection.  The words might fail to have an impact because the state that the recipient is at is not a match.  Quite simply, they are not in a place to receive what you have to say.  Perhaps that will change, perhaps it will not.

This does not make anyone necessarily wrong.  These labels of right or wrong may simply be replaced by labels of Love or Fear.  One isn't right and one isn't wrong.  They're just states of be-ing.

It becomes a matter of choosing the state you wish to be in, the state you wish to vibrate in.  If you desire to operate in the state of Love, then the intention is set and from that place your be-ing speaks from and receives from that state.  

Consider the vibration from which you speak.  Consider the vibration your body language operates in.  Are they one in the same, or is one cancelling the other out?  What is your intention?

Love Over Fear.  Many paths to Oneness.
Sat Nam.

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