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Clearing the Clutter: Why Minimalism?

Clearing the Clutter: Why Minimalism?

Aside from just sharing this new journey online, I've been vocal about it with those in my day to day physical life as well.  I shared a post about it on my personal Facebook page.  I chat about it with friends.  My partner and I discuss our plans of purging and clearing out.  

I have to say, my project has been met with much enthusiasm.  Dare I say I've even inspired a few others to take the plunge to clear out what they have, if not also commit to purchasing or consuming less.

So.  Why minimalism?, you may ask.  Isn't it a bit extreme, especially with three young kids?  Are you going to move into a one-room house the size of a shed?  Get rid of all of your children's toys?  

There are many variations of minimalism.  So many possible approaches.

And I have so many reasons why I've chosen to take this trip with myself and my family.

At the very core of my reasons, sits my desire for "Simplicity."

It's my feeling that we complicate life more than we need to.  We get caught up in believing we need all of this stuff to function, or that we need more stuff to improve who we are or the way we live.

"Buy this to raise your vibration."
"Use this to improve your connection to your Higher Self."
"You just need this to be closer to your Guides."
"This will make your life sooooo much easier!"
"Your kids will love this!"

Buy buy buy buy buy.  Need need need need need.

The needs and wants and beliefs quickly snowball.  And it can certainly be tricky to discern what we need versus what we want versus what would sincerely bring us pleasure for a sustained period of time.


Nothing can really bring us pleasure for a sustained period of time.  Not really.

We can love our stuff all we want.  We can have wish lists and collections.  There's nothing inherently wrong with any of this.  (I am not shaming anyone here).

But we can get into discord, overwhelm, or addiction if we fall into the trap of thinking that a physical object outside of ourself is going to solve our problems and bring us inner peace.

Nothing physical here is eternal.  Nothing is permanent.  And so becoming attached to a crutch for "happiness" is an illusion.

Heavy, deep stuff.  But really, this is the kernel piece at the heart of my drive to simplify.  I wish to show my children this truth as well.

That ALL said, we are here to experience a physical reality.  With physical goods and materials.  Yes.  And so I will also continue to indulge my senses in this truth.  But taking away the clutter, the unnecessary?  Asking myself the hard questions surrounding, "Do I really need to buy or keep this thing?" Well, that can only serve to help me to really appreciate what I do choose to keep around.

At least that's the plan!

Sat Nam.

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