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Materialistic Spirituality

Materialistic Spirituality

If you are a semi-regular follower of my work, you may have noticed my absence or lack of posting-- both here on my blog, as well as on social media.  I know I've explained before that I'm passionately involved this year with a bunch of goals and training and yada yada yada... all truth.

But there's something else.

I've been re-examining my online presence and its purpose.

From a spiritual practitioner standpoint, I'd be lying if I didn't say that the bulk of my posting in the past had to do with, ultimately, selling myself.  With advertising.  With putting my name and work out there so that you know who I am and what I do and what I offer.  So that ultimately, you are hopefully drawn to what I sell.

It is true that I provide blog posts for free.  On social media, I also post food for thought, encouraging blurbs, free live readings, and card readings on occasion.  I'm happy to engage and create community.  There is an aspect of giving back that is important to me.  

But sister's gotta pay the bills, you know?  I have three kiddos to support, and a partner who backs my various unconventional gigs.  I can't afford to sit on my computer all day, cheerleading, providing free readings and coaching.  Somewhere along the line, I have to admit that I offer the free stuff so that I can hopefully also make some money, too.

However, this is the  where my dilemma comes in as of late...

... I'm coming to a personal understanding and awareness that one does not necessarily need anything in order to heal, grow, or awaken.

Allow me to clarify:

One does not need anything outside of themselves in order to heal, grow, or awaken.

What was it Glinda the Good Witch said?  Something to the effect of "You had the power all along."

I am contacted on the regular by other practitioners wanting me to sign on as an Affiliate to their site and goods.  I read article after article toting the next fabulous spray, doodad, or amulet as being The Thing that will finally bring you clarity and peace.  

"All this for just five easy payments of $999."

And so I wonder, "Are my offerings any different than this?"

I am troubled by the practice of materialistic spirituality.  Because the truth, as I see it, is that you need a comfortable place to close your eyes and go inward.  Or somewhere you can wander and be one with your breath.  It doesn't even necessarily have to be a quiet place!  Ideally, the goal is to find the space between thoughts, between the incessant patterned waves of consciousness.  

All this isn't to say that I am packing up and closing shop.

I'm very confident that the Readings I provide are a way with which one can access their awareness by way of being made aware of their karmic patterns.

Am I receiving a monetary exchange for a spiritual good?  Sure am.  

Do I feel hypocritical after ranting a bit about materialism and spirituality?  Truthfully?  I catch myself analyzing my motives endlessly.  I don't promise that the readings I provide will cure you from unhappiness forever, or that they'll solve every perceived problem you believe yourself to have.  

I also don't believe they're necessarily for everyone at all times.  You have to be willing to face the shadow and do the work.

Spiritual growth and awakening is work, ya'll.  Any practitioner who tells you they're going to cure you of all ills and wipe your karma clean with one reading is delusional.  Anyone who promises instant happiness by way of wearing a necklace is bullshitting you (and themselves).  #HarshTruth

We get out of these experiences what we put in.  Get that reading!  But know you've gotta stay awake, aware, and do the homework.  Wear the necklace!  But know that it only amplifies your intention because you've endowed it so with your own pure intention and grace.

Attaching to any particular object, person, or good as your means to salvation is careless, at best.

And let's not forget, Darling, that you aren't broken!  This mentality that you have to endlessly scour the internet and your social media pages for the next fix is just another wave of distraction blocking you from seeing the Infinite Light that's always been within.  

So yes, indulge in the acts of self care, if that reading or oil or necklace feels as if it will support you in your quest for inner truth.  But please know that it ain't gonna magically give you something that you don't already have.

Don't give your power away to the next supposed guru.  That which helps you to shift from ignorance to awake does not necessarily have to be a personality.  You don't have to buy enlightenment, connection, abundance, or bliss.  It's already within you, waiting to be brought out by way of your own innate strength and grit.

Sat Nam.


Laura Biddle is a devoted mother of three and partner to a whiz of a musician and artist.  When forced to label herself, she'd say she's a channel, writer, midwife's assistant, marathon runner, and kundalini yoga instructor-in-the-making.  

She is passionate about interconnection and seeing the Divine within everyone and everything.

Read more from Laura at www.rootsforwingshealing.com



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