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Absolute Abundance

Absolute Abundance

"I can afford anything I desire."

Let's take a look at this statement, taken from the Oath of Manifestation, which was written and made available by the Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth.

The Oath, written for those who read it to practice saying it aloud and with enthusiasm daily, is designed to change your relationship with the concept and practice of abundance.  By reciting the Oath with zeal, you release the vibrations out into the Universe, declaring your readiness to receive.  You do the work of lifting your vibration, setting your intentions, and then you let go and trust that the pathways to abundance will be revealed.

This isn't to say that work isn't involved at times.  We can't expect to have everything fall into our laps without getting up and sweating it out, or doing the research, or saying "yes" to something challenging.

What it is to say, is that by setting your intention and remaining open, the Universe is given the opportunity to deliver avenues for you to receive.  You just have to be open to when they arrive, because they won't always look like you anticipated.

This, to me, is where "I can afford anything I desire," comes into play.  

At first glance, I can take that statement to mean that financially I am able to afford whatever it is that I want.  So I am coming from the mindset of abundance rather than lack.  If I state that I have lack, but that I wish for abundance, the vibration of lack cancels out the vibration of wanting.  Yes?

But on another level, the statement of affording anything I desire also means this:

I am able and willing to do what it takes to afford what I desire.

In other words, I am willing to do the work.

Do.  The.  Work.

All too often, we see "manifesting abundance" as this magical process that involves saying some affirmations and then waiting around for the goods to appear.

Life, however, is about learning.  It's about experiencing the physical.  Walking through the fear.  Perhaps getting a little banged up in the process.

aking a chance, taking a leap, giving it a go despite our Ego saying that it'll never work.

Give it a go!  "I can afford anything I desire!"

I can afford anything I desire.

I am capable of the work.  I am capable of courage.  I am capable of spreading my Light, my Truth, my brilliance.  I am capable of risking vulnerability.  I am capable of risking getting hurt.  

Decide for yourself: is the abundance of joy, freedom, expression, self-respect, peace, contentment, financial reward, and self-love worth the work and risk?

In the Universe's infinite possibilities, you can afford anything you desire.  Getting there might not always look like you expect it to.  Heck, the end result might not even look like you imagined.   But I'm willing to bet it will be an even deeper, more fulfilling and abundant gain- one that brings more inner-peace and knowing.  

You can't always get what you want.
But, you can afford what you need.  
And in the end, don't we always end up wanting just that?

Wishing you the satisfaction of earning your deepest desires for inner-peace and wealth.
Sat Nam.

For more resources regarding abundance, check out:

The Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth's Oath of Manifestation

Sarah Petruno's Attracting Abundance meditation and/or her Money Forgiveness meditation;

Amanda Linette Meder's Manifesting Abundance package;

or book a session with Roots for Wings Healing to find out what's standing in your way karmically.


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