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Compassion and the Playing Field

Compassion and the Playing Field

Well my Dears.  Here I am.  Just about one week into my experiment with no social media.  

And what can I say?!  It's.  Been.  Hard.

But not for the reasons I initially thought.  Do not get me wrong, I miss the Tribe I have begun to cultivate and have found myself invited into!  ("Heeeeey Sisters.  Truly, I miss seeing your daily shares and posts!")

What has REALLY been hard though, has been having to face the less than pleasant feelings and emotions that I would typically and unconsciously smother by reaching for my phone.  I am a big believer in feeling the feelings, but wow can the Ego ever become adept at squashing them before we're even aware they're happening! 

Today, I became particularly aware of a rather surprising discovery:

I squash my big feelings because I'm typically too busy feeling the feelings of others.  I'm too busy, too exhausted by, too preoccupied with, feeling too responsible for.  Whatever you want to call it.  

I take my gifts as an empath very seriously.  I am honoured to be able to tap into what the world is feeling its ways through.  

When giving a Reading, or during a healing session, Spirit oftentimes clues me in by having me feel the client's energy.  Meaning what's happening for them energetically: situations, feelings, physical sensations... This doesn't mean that I eavesdrop or purposefully tap into anyone at any given time!  I simply feel what Spirit would have me feel.  This gives me perspective or insight and helps me to "get" where the session is headed.

This all said, empathizing on this level or in this way can be draining if I am not careful.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed.  I've been discovering through this time of turning inward more, that oftentimes I am not interested in feeling what I feel because, a) I'm already tired from feeling everything else, and b) at the end of the day, I can't wash it away and call it someone else's.  Also, there's c) like many people, I've been conditioned to automatically write off strong emotions as being something to control or get the better of.

Anyone out there with me?

Here's what Spirit is saying to us: 

"The compassion you would have for another while feeling what they feel?  The compassion married, intertwined, and co-existant with your empathy?  That is your ticket to healing.

Compassion, Dear Heart, is quite simply a level playing field.  It is where you place yourself and the other on the same level, as equals.  You do not sigh and tilt your head at them, feeling sorry for how they feel.  No.  You breathe, feeling the deep ache in your heart as your own.  You are not above them, looking down with pity.  You are at their level, meeting their gaze, holding out your hand as if to say, "Yes, this hurts and I will walk this walk with you if you'd like."

You cannot take away another's pain, you cannot be responsible for it.  That is their journey.  But you can treat them with dignity and a sense of equality.

Dear Heart, you are just as deserving of this level playing field.  You are just as deserving of this sense of dignity.  From others.  From yourself.  So as you feel your pain, your regrets, your sorrows, your grief, give yourself the gift of compassion.  The presence of feeling your pain and acknowledging your patterns, stories, and mistakes as a human who was simply trying their best.

See you on the playing field!
Sat Nam. 

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