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When Facing Fear: A Rally Cry to Lightworkers and Lovers Everywhere

When Facing Fear: A Rally Cry to Lightworkers and Lovers Everywhere

The world feels very dark right now.

It feels heavy.  Painful.  Terrifying.

But here is the root of the root, my Dears: This darkness did not just magically manifest from nowhere.  It did not just decide to rear its hideous head during the campaign trail, or last night as the United States of America announced its newest leader. 


This darkness has been riding with us for some time now.  

I read these social media statements proclaiming shock that racism, sexism, bigotry, and hatred still exist with such ferocity.

We should not be so shocked.  At least that is how I feel.  Again, this hatred and bigotry has not risen from nowhere.  

There are places in the world where hatred like this has been running rampant and, collectively, we've turned a blind eye.  "We're better than that."  "How appalling."  "At least that isn't us."

But it IS us.  

I am you.  You are me.  The opposing sides and forces, we are but mirrors of one another.  We are a global village and it is high time we came to face that reality rather than simply paying lip service to it.

This is an opportunity for healing.  A rally cry for FINALLY standing together as Brother and Sisters, united by Love and motivated by the possibility of Love triumphing over Fear.  As using our voices not to complain and moan on social media, but to take action.

When we are ill, the toxins must be purged.  The virus must be burned away.  Our body goes to battle to fight that fight.  We break out in rashes.  We are feverish.  We vomit.  We experience diarrhea.  We're snotty and congested and miserable.  It is ugly, painful, uncomfortable, and sometimes even scary.

But we don't get better without fighting that fight.  And sometimes it seems to get worse before it gets better.

How do we help the body to heal?  Sometimes we have to scream and cry and vent to let the trapped energy move.  But ultimately, the healing occurs with self-love, self-care, gentleness, compassion, and filling ourselves with the best and purist kinds of food and water.  Sometimes a well crafted and intentional dose of medicine.  We surround ourselves with as peaceful an environment as possible.  We are supported by loving people and energy.  That is how we heal.

We accept that illness is ugly, and then we do what it takes with patience, compassion, and love to heal.  We keep the faith.  We understand that we have the capacity to get better, that we deserve to get better.

This darkness, beloveds, is an illness finally coming to the surface because it cannot be ignored any longer.  The hatred in the world must must must be acknowledged so that we may actively begin to choose Love over the Fear.

As a collective, we've been burying our heads for too long.  Bemoaning situations and clucking our tongues without giving thought to what it is that we can do individually to heal the collective.

You are not too small for this situation.  We are not too small for this situation.

This is the time that we are called to action.  To face the Shadow that we've been denying.  To teach our children about the Shadow, so that this pain does not continue to fester.

Everything which exists out in the world, exists within each and every one of us.  We all have biases and prejudices.  We all have niggling view points of ignorance.  We all posses the ability to be violent or hateful.  We do.

And if you're shaking your head, if I am making you mad, if you find yourself huffing, "I am NOT like that," then perhaps I have triggered a wound or story in you that you ought to dig out by the root and examine.  Because if you have no Shadow to face, then there is no need to be riled by me saying this, yes?

Let this dark time be a time of reflection and healing on an individual level.  Allow it to motivate you to examine your own stories and blind spots.  Allow it to inspire you to purge your own toxins and viruses.  

Take responsibility for where you blame, where you hold onto victim consciousness.  Because ain't no healing gonna occur with that mentality.  Rise up.

In this darkness, plant new seeds of hope.  

Strip yourself of biases.

From this place of naked integrity, allow yourself to be pulled to a broader state of action.  

Don't be silenced by the bully.  
Take a stand for someone, even when it feels terrifying to do so.  
Walk your talk.
Talk about prejudices with your kids.
Teach them that it's human to have blind spots, so long as we do our very best to stay aware of them and admit it when we find one.
Stand up for the underdog.
Trust your worth and the power of your words and heart.
Teach your kids their worth, and to trust the power of their words and heart.
Don't be a pessimist.
Trust in the power of Love.
Stand up for Gaia and her Children.
Ask questions. Be curious. Be hopeful.

Let the Heart break.  Feel the pain and the fear.  Get angry.  Get loud.  Because when we really let the Heart crack open, the Light can flood out.  It can flood out into the darkness that feels so very overwhelming and terrifying.

Now is not the time to roll over and give up.  This is an illness begging to be healed, a pattern begging to be released and let go.  Our Brothers and Sisters of particular vulnerability need our voices, strength, love, and protection.  Love IS stronger than Fear.


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