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How I am Changing My Relationship with Money

How I am Changing My Relationship with Money

Abundance, abundance, abundance...

(Imagine that said in the tone of "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!")

There does seem to be ample number of articles and social media content all about abundance these days.  But for good reason!  Who doesn't dream of attaining more?  More money, more freedom, more space, more toys, more love, more time?...

I have to confess, I've written before about abundance.  I thought I had a thing or two to share: particularly about not blocking what you're desiring to draw in to you.  I still stand by all of that.  But recently, I have noticed a massive change in myself and my relationship to abundance and I'm feeling really quite motivated to share it with you!

These days, my heart can't help but feel all of the abundance around me.  I do, I literally feel the expansive, infinite amount of what I have in my life.  This cannot help but translate into awe and gratitude.  

The other day, I was sweeping my kitchen floor and I couldn't help but notice the sheer number of crumbs I was sweeping.  The floor was so dirty.  Absolutely covered.  Usually, I would be sighing, just wanting to get the job done and move on.  (Little unknown fact about me: I prefer to vacuum rather than sweep... sweeping feels meticulous and I always seem to miss stuff which really bothers me!)

This time, the sweeping felt different.  As I took in the debris I was sweeping up, I thought, "Wow, my life is so full of food and good things, that it just spills out all over the place.  Look at this stuff!  And my home is so full of people to make messes.  I love these messy people!" Suddenly, the mess meant that we had the food and items with which to make the mess AND I had a family to be the instigators.  Heck, it meant we had a home that could be messy.


With each acknowledgement, the abundance grows.  With each statement and point of awareness toward that which I am grateful for, I only find more to be grateful for!  It's a gorgeous thing.  My heart has been bursting for the last two weeks.  

One of the differences between now and before is this, and I cannot stress it enough: the literal feeling into the gratitude.  

Sure, I have been grateful before.  And I have been aware of the connection between being grateful and the Universe providing more.  But now I can honestly say that it's so much more than me simply saying the words of gratitude.  It's my heart space opening so wide it aches.  It's allowing that humbling sensation of awe to tremble up and up and up until the energy is nearly spilling outside of me in the form of tears.

It's being brave enough to not care what other think, and allowing myself to feel and express the gratitude however it desires to come out.  If I am crying a little over bread crumbs on my floor, then so be it!

A short while back, I decided that I was done with being a professional intuitive who worked for beans.  I declared my intention to begin earning a real income with this work, so that I can support my family while I contribute to the world in a way I feel passionate about.

The first thing I did was begin Sarah Petruno's From Broke to Baller Healing Program.

The program is broken down into 3 Modules with seven lessons each.  Each lesson is extremely manageable, both in terms of ingesting and practice.  It's set up so that each time you take on a new lesson, you build incrementally more understanding and awareness around your old outdated patterns and energies, as well as how to take them down and write new ones.  

I'm a believer in the power that our stories hold.  It's a large part of the energy work and healing that I do and provide.  So I had a very, very good feeling about Sarah's program. And I wasn't wrong!

Sarah has a great knack for efficiency while still being thorough while teaching.  The program does not at all feel like it's too much to take on.  There's a lot there in terms of value, but it is delivered in such a way that you're not bogged down and tied to the "classroom."  Rather, you take the concepts and questions and apply them to your everyday life.  After all, the point is to impact and change abundance and finances in your every day life!  

The healing program is, of course, not without some of Sarah's brand of empowering DIY energy healing!  There are powerful guided meditations designed to bring your power and pieces of your Soul back.  You truly are guided to clear out and redesign your relationship to abundance from the inside, out.  It's spiritual and energetic, and it's also very down-to-earth and accessible.

Sarah is no stranger to abundance stories and she's been very open and honest about that on social media.  The reason why I appreciate this, is because she knows what she's talking about.  And she walks her talk.  It's so easy to trust and believe in someone when they're willing to lay their own stories and heart on the line. 

I highly recommend Sarah's From Broke to Baller Healing Program.  It's ingrained in us to believe (for the most part, anyhow), that hustling hard is the only way to earn.  It's also ingrained that the only way to be proud and deserving of abundance is if you've struggled.  But it doesn't have to be a struggle.  I don't know about you, but I want to attract my wealth and enjoy doing it.  I want to live my life in awe and appreciation for all of the goodness that surrounds me, rather than simply toiling away in fear that it could be gone at any moment.

And you know what? I am.  I am attracting the goods and enjoying it.  And I am in awe and appreciation.  Sarah's program is a huge part of that!  I plan on sharing more in detail with you as I travel along.  So far, the rewards have been fantastic-- an abundance of ideas and inspiration, an abundance of energy, an abundance of appreciation, and more money is flowing in!

If you are interested in getting on this train and experiencing the ride for yourself, Sarah has very generously offered my readers a 20% discount off of the cost of the program, using the code "ABUNDANCE-ABOUNDS" (with no quotation marks).  What are you waiting for?!  Click here and come and join me!

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