I Didn't Always Believe in Past Lives...

As a karmic reader, I channel guidance from the Angelic Realm.  These Guides are of the most pure form of Love.  Their energy is such that you are surrounded by the most support imaginable.  It is really beyond words, if I am honest.


In a reading, these Angels explain to you the reasons behind your patterned behaviours, choices, beliefs, and perceptions.  They lovingly guide you to understand why you continually attract unsupportive people in your life, why you over-extend yourself to the point of illness, or why you are unable to trust fully with an open heart.  They know the stories behind your most entrenched ways of being, your deepest woundings.  They bring these stories to your consciousness and help you to move past them, into a way of being that is more compassionate toward yourself and others.


These stories and patterns all originated in one particular moment for you, traceable back to a past life lived long ago.  This is often why the resulting beliefs are so deeply rooted and usually unconscious to you-- they've been your survival mechanisms for lifetimes!


To be honest, I didn't always know how I felt about the idea of past lives.  There's no concrete science behind it.  And being raised Roman Catholic as a young child, reincarnation was not an idea I was exposed to until later on in my life, while learning about world religions.


In my teen years, I had a falling out with organized religion.  I'd lost my Mum to a terrible disease as a very young kid, and I'd watched her suffer in a lot of pain before she passed away.  She left behind three young kids and a young husband.  What kind of a God allows that?, I'd once questioned with a very broken heart.  In the years to come, my family members went through more loss and trauma.  My Meme (grandma) also suffered a traumatic ending to her life while I was depressed and struggling in University, and I grappled with a lot watching her unravel.  My family's bonds quite literally did the same unravelling as the matriarch of the family transitioned from physical being, to memories in our pained hearts.


I declared myself agnostic, atheist, or just plain pissed at whatever God there was supposed to be out there.  I felt guilty about walking from my childhood faiths that my mother had instilled in me. At the same time, I had too hard of a time making sense of what I'd been through.  I also questioned a lot of the things a good little Catholic girl was supposed to stand by: no sex before marriage, no supporting homosexuality, the idea of a Hell and damned souls, an angry heavenly father who is all-loving yet punishes "sinners," I could go on...


But cutting the idea of a Higher Power bigger than singular humans didn't feel right to me, either.  I could be angry at the Roman Catholic God all I wanted, but being an atheist didn't resonate with me.  I still wanted to believe in the idea of a Soul, of an afterlife, of a force connecting us all in Love and compassion.  After all, if I didn't at least have that to look forward to, then my Mum and other loved ones really were gone forever.  I wanted to believe that beneath the horrific drama on the news every night, humans are basically good and loving and that there is a possibility to heal what ails us and is destroying the planet we call home.  I believed in interconnectedness of all things.

For reasons beyond my ability to explain, I pursued the trainings and teachings that eventually lead me to the beginning of my Shamanic training and giving of karmic readings.  I may not have all of the answers to spirituality and life-- who does?  But I am comfortable with my beliefs now, and I find a lot of peace in the readings I am a channel for.

I believe in past lives.  I can't not.  I've given too many readings to complete strangers- skeptics, even- who've confessed afterwards that all of the information and guidance provided made sense for where they are at in this particular life time.  These were people I knew NOTHING about beyond their names.  The energy I channel is bigger and more compassionate than anything I have ever experienced before.  My singular Ego can't describe it, but my Soul knows it at as the Light and Love we all come from.

Sat Nam.