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Love Languages: a message from Spirit

Love Languages: a message from Spirit

Edited to add: This post was originally written on Friday December 9th 2016 but due to website technical issues (ahem, Square Space, you truly should address all of your annoying problems!) I wasn't able to publish until today.

Spirit wanted me to pass on a message today.  In particular, one of my Guides who goes by the name of Michael.  He is stepping forward to share with you!  


He actually brought forward this topic to me quite a while ago now, through another medium, in a distance reading she once gave me.  (She's fantastic, FYI.  Please do go check out her site and blog, you won't regret it).  I'd long since forgotten.  


The message came through directly to me this afternoon, but this time I was directed to pass the message on to you!  So if you're stumbling across this or felt called to read it, trust that it's for you. 


I'll hand it over to Michael now.  Take it away!


Love Languages.


How do you expect to receive Love?  In what ways, in what languages, through what symbols, actions, or gestures?


Have you ever considered that you have a bias when it comes to how you believe Love should be expressed?  And we speak of not just romantic love, so be sure to consider your biases around the terminology and labels, as well. 


Perhaps you've been looking in a particular direction. (Here he shows me an image of someone looking far off into the distance, off to the right.  The feeling is one of waiting, of impatience, of longing).


You've been expecting to be appreciated, doted on, cared for, nurtured, supported or otherwise held in a particular fashion.  You've been expecting Love to be packaged up in a particular way.  Yes?  You know how you like to be treated.  


Over time, you have developed stories around what Love should look like.  All types of Love-- all flavours, all shades.  Your stories, in many ways, are so unconscious that you aren't even aware of them.  They are like blinders you've been wearing without realizing they're there.


Perhaps you were raised on certain beliefs.  Or you've decided to fight against certain beliefs.  You carry the stories or beliefs and impressions of others.  You've been burned in the past and made decisions based on the pain you've felt.  Perhaps you are self-righteous around your worthiness or you aren't aware of your worthiness at all.  The point is, you have impressions and patterns around what you believe Love to be (or not to be) and how it should (or shouldn't) be expressed.


Consider now, do you perhaps make others wrong for not giving Love in the ways you would prefer?  


Have you ever been blind to the fact that someone was expressing Love?  But you just missed it because you were busy looking elsewhere?  Busy looking for another package?


You are not wrong to prefer that Love be packaged in a particular fashion.  The human experience is chock full of biases and differing lenses.  Having preferences is a part of the experience.  A part of what, paradoxically, demonstrates how everyone is One.


You are simply reminded, gently reminded, that with awareness you can begin to remove the blinders you wear to the differing expressions of Love.  Trusting that everyone is doing the best that they can in each moment, given their stories and perceptions.  


The truth is that all of humanity just wants to Love and be Loved.  But not everyone expresses these desires in exactly the same way.


Thanks Michael!  


Wishing you the fulfillment and softening that comes with discovering new Love languages.  May you feel more connected to, aware of, and expressive with those around you.


Sat Nam.

Interested in learning more about your personal patterns and stories around Love Languages-- where they originated, and what you can do to either release them or cultivate more compassion around them?  Book a karmic pattern distance reading here.

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