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Maintaining Equal Give and Take of Energy... Without Expectation

Maintaining Equal Give and Take of Energy... Without Expectation

As I have written previously here and here, I'm on a mission to re-write my patterns around money and abundance.  Namely, the way I tend to go into a scarcity mentality, and also where I feel compelled to give of myself without asking for much in return.  

It's a common pattern, when working as an intuitive or healer, to feel compelled or pressured to give away the goods for an unequal energetic exchange.  (Read: for free or for far less than the healing/session/reading is worth).  

This is partly because healers, by nature, have open hearts.  We want to help, we want to "save," we want to contribute to the healing of the world overall.  We know we're here to do so, and so sometimes the compulsion to give is overwhelming.

It is also partly because oftentimes, those who need deep healing and are hurting are also struggling financially.  Or they are blinded to their own abundance and so they don't quite understand the worth of the healing they're asking for.

Lastly, healers tend to have many past lives during which they lived in poverty.  In years past, it was expected that you would give of your spiritual gifts freely because otherwise you'd be seen as less than high vibrational.  It was considered in poor taste to ask what you were really worth.

Lately, I have been particularly moved by a piece of the Oath of Manifestation, written by the Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth:

I accept and receive unexpected good, unexpected money, unexpected kindness, unexpected generosity, unexpected offers, unexpected prosperity(....)
— Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth


I do not expect the goods, the kindness, the wealth, the offers.  I simply open myself up to receive it, should it be there.  And by opening myself to the possibilities, and living as close as possible to high consciousness, I attract what I need and deserve.

In truth, this could not be more accurate for me.  It never fails that when I am waiting and expecting to receive, I am left feeling impatient and frustrated when it doesn't unfold the way my mind would like it to.  I find myself slipping into a state of self-righteousness.  A state of entitlement.

Alternatively, my perfectionism creeps up and I come down hard on myself for not meeting my own expectations.

Time and again, Spirit will say in various readings, sessions, and channeled blog posts: Surrender. Allow the unfolding.  Trust the unfolding.  Let go of what isn't yours to control.  Contribute what you can and let go of the rest.  Don't take it personally.  It's not always all about you.  It's all working out as it should.

So if this is all true, if what we're called to do is set the intention to receive all that is unexpectedly ours to have, then where does setting boundaries around receiving in equal exchange come in?  Where and how do we, as healers and intuitives, ask for our worth without just giving our energy away?  

How do we ask for it if we're not supposed to expect it?

It sounds oxy-moronic, right?  Expect.  But don't expect.  Ask your worth.  But give without expecting.

I've been posing this little quandary of mine for a while, and I'd like to share with you what Spirit shared with me.

"When you give of yourself, when you open your Heart Space and give from a place of Love and generosity with the intention to be of Service in the name of all that is Love, you will receive your worth back.  

Give in a way that is pure and of your best and highest intentions, not limited by Ego, not concerning yourself with what is in it for you at the time of crafting and giving yourself.  Set the intention to be a conduit of healing, love, generosity, clarity, compassion.  Set the intention to be the messenger of Light.  Set the intention to hold the space for the perfect healing to occur.  But set your Ego aside.  This is not about how good you look or how great you are or how talented you are or what is in it for you.  This is simply about what a clear conduit you can be, how high you can open your consciousness, how well you can connect and tap into the energy of Love all around.

Do this all, and automatically you've moved yourself into a space where you are vibrating at your worth.  Automatically you're in a space where you are attracting the level of energy and love that you're putting out, that you are a channel for.

Keep your vibration high and in this space.  And then state your worth.  State your worth without pride, greed, or a sense of superiority, as these are Ego.  Simply state your worth from this place of high vibrational Love, from this place of open-hearted giving.  Allow the energy you release in the name of Love to envelop you as well.  Allow it to circle you, hold you, surround you.  Open the doors of your consciousness and trust that you will receive this worth back.  Do not raise those you are supporting but allow yourself to remain in a lower vibration-- this lowers both the worth of the healing you are giving as well as your own vibration.  This, in effect, lessens the impact of what you are a conduit for to begin with.

Furthermore, Dear Heart, when you operate from this space of giving fully and openly, you attract those who are ready and willing to give back from this vibrational space.  You raise, in your healing, those who are open to recognizing your worth." 
-Archangel Raphael

There you have it!  From their "lips" to your ears.  (And mine, too).  Now we can move into a space of better receiving our energetic worth without standing in a space of superiority or in defeat.  It seems to me that this guidance is applicable to more than just financial abundance, too.

Give with pure intention, know your worth, and surrender the rest.

Sat Nam.

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