Vulnerability, Your Fear, and Your Truth

There's been a lot of energy coming my way in the form of guidance/wisdom/encouragements to the affect of "SPEAK YOUR TRUTH."  How's that saying go?  You teach what you learn?  You learn what you teach?  Or, as Maya Angelou said, "When you get, give.  When you learn, teach."  

It's not at all uncommon for me to provide Readings during which the guidance holds common themes.  This tends to happen in waves.  I can't help but become conscious of how I'm expanding my depth of awareness as I surf these waves as both teacher and student.  The Universe is whispering, "Hey, you, listen up, too!"  It's a remembering of sorts, a re-awakening, and I can feel my Soul whispering back, "Ahhh, yes."

Surfing the waves of Oneness.

Surfing the waves of Oneness.

Lately, I've been reminded that sharing my Truth is vital.  And that sounds cliché, right?  I admit, even, that hearing "Speak your Truth" can illicit a knee-jerk response of an eye roll from me at times.  It's a saying that's tossed around so much in self-help circles that it should be the first words uttered in every New-Age youtube parody video.  (This one, by the way, cracks me up.  It's true, I can laugh at myself.  Hey-- wait!  Don't head down a YouTube rabbit hole until you've finished reading my post!)

In all seriousness though, sharing your feelings, expressing what is important to you, or giving voice to your needs and desires is crucial for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic health.  The emotions which arise in our experiences are energy.  Energy desires to move.  Expressing this energy aids it in moving through our bodies, preventing it from stagnating  and causing issues- both in the present and in the future.  

Furthermore, healthy relationships require a balance of give-and-take.  If you neglect to express what you need, aspects of the relationship atrophy, are blocked, or become unbalanced, just as aspects of your energetic body are blocked or become unbalanced.  We cannot afford to be passive aggressive with our expression.  The state of our health, our relationships, and Mother Earth depend on us to find and use our gifts of communication: speech, movement, dance, writing, music... et cetera.

It can feel scary, speaking up and out, no?  We fear ridicule, abandonment, punishment, being misunderstood.  We fear being seen for who we feel we are- as flawed creatures who might not be worthy of love.  We fear the brilliance of our power!  As Marianne Williamson said, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."  Can those around us handle our power?

You're a brilliant beacon of Light, breaking up the darkness, calling on others to shine their Light as well.

You're a brilliant beacon of Light, breaking up the darkness, calling on others to shine their Light as well.

One of the key considerations to make when in fear around expressing yourself is to remember that your mental fears are patterns, and patterns can be overcome.  Acknowledgement and awareness of the fear are the first steps in moving through it.  Mentally saying to yourself, and letting the Universe know, "This is a pattern, and I wish to let it go," is a concrete first step you can take.  And here's the beautiful thing: you don't have to have all of the answers, you don't have to know the how, you just need to be willing to surrender and be willing to let go.  Open yourself up to the gorgeously mysterious energies of the Universe and call on the Grace of All-That-Is to assist.  Be willing to stay open- and conscious- to the unfolding of the rest.  

When we speak our Truth, an awareness that it is OUR Truth is another key consideration.  Our reality is formed by our past experiences and patterns.  We view the present moment through these lenses that were built or informed by that which we've experienced in the past.  For example, if I was attacked by a dog in childhood, it might be highly likely that as an adult, I will be triggered into fear every time I see a particular kind or size of dog (even if this memory is subconscious).  Does it mean that I am in danger every time I cross paths with a dog?  Certainly not, but my subconscious might say otherwise.  Add to this the patterns carried forth from past lives, and you've got yourself quite the lens of skewed perceptions.

Recognizing that we are coming from our perceptions of reality, and that others are coming from theirs, we can attempt to express ourselves in such a way that we stay true to our feelings and needs, while still remaining respectful to who we're speaking to.  I feel it's helpful to think of the use of language: using terms such as "I feel," "consider that," "my interpretation is," et cetera, is a good way to stay in the mode of communicating while taking responsibility for your perceptions.    We have the right to our feelings, but we need to remember that not everyone sees the world the same way we do.  We are all coming from our own patterns of fear.  We don't necessarily  need to understand everyone's patterns, but we do need to develop a sense of compassion for them, most especially if we expect compassion in return.

So what do you do when your Truth is expressed but falls on deaf ears?  Or what you feared might happen, does: you're seemingly abandoned, punished, ridiculed, or misunderstood?

So what next?

So what next?

You take a deep breath and give thanks to the Graces for assisting you to move through that fear, to express yourself when you felt called to.  You celebrate your courage, your willingness to stay open and vulnerable.  You trust that in letting that energy go, you grew, learned, and planted the seed or inspiration of growth and courage elsewhere for someone else, in their own time and space.  You consider that perhaps this experience is moving you on to experiences you are better suited to, and that you were meant to grow and go onward.  The more you exercise and use your authentic voice, the better aligned you are to your calling in this life, and that includes relationships and situations.  Lastly, you get quiet and listen, because the next steps will always reveal themselves in due time.

The Guides are saying, "Beloved, please know and trust that there are those who will support your Truth, your vision for yourself and your life.  You are worthy of this support and you will find it when you share who you are."

I celebrate your Light, your Truth, your courage, and vulnerability,

Sat Nam.