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What is A Dark Night of the Soul?  (And how to get through it)

What is A Dark Night of the Soul? (And how to get through it)

It's a popular term thrown around in the metaphysical community.  But what exactly is the Dark Night of the Soul?  Is it literally one night?  Is it torturous?  Is it deadly?  How do you get through it?

While it certainly sounds ominous, I like to think of the Dark Night as a time period of transition and a journey of evolving and expansion.  A shedding of what was and a stepping toward what will be.

We all go through these periods of darkness.  They are a part of being human and being in this physical existence.  Spirit wants you to know that we don't face these times because we're being punished, or we're meant to suffer, or because we have done anything wrong.

While they can be incredibly frustrating and painful, enduring a Dark Night of the Soul can actually be viewed as a gift and a positive thing, rather than something to be seen as punishment or failure.  

A seed cannot sprout in the light.  It needs darkness to crack open.  As do we.  Sometimes, we need darkness to remind us of the strength that we are.  Sometimes, we need challenge to push us toward the light.

A Dark Night of the Soul occurs when you begin to face or uncover a Truth or a series of Truths about yourself and your path.  When this occurs, you can no longer continue on in the ways that you have.  A letting go must occur.  Sure, you can cling to the past or what has been, but the result will feel inauthentic and suffocating.  You won't be in alignment with your real desires and self.

So, here you are, letting go of what was.  But you're still not quite sure where you're supposed to go, or what the resulting picture is meant to look like.  This leaves you feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused, and likely scared.  In the dark.

You're neither here nor there.

To make matters a little more complicated, explaining yourself and your feelings can feel sticky if not impossible.  It's an energetic and spiritual thing, and finding the comfort to discuss those openly with just anyone is tricky, right?  So here you are in the dark, feeling terribly isolated.

Darling One, you aren't alone!  This is a time-old pattern of humanity.  Everyone experiences these Dark Nights, even if they don't share it or articulate it.

So, how to find your way through?

1) Acknowledge where you are and be okay with not having all of the answers.  

Let some of the pressure off of yourself!  This is a new place to be in, so why should you know exactly what to do or how to handle it?  Humans by nature don't roll well with unpredictability.  So give into that and breathe that tension down and out.

2) Do something nice for yourself.

Take a break from the hamster wheel of finding your way out and ask you Heart what would feel really nice.  A bath?  A walk?  An awesomely uplifting movie?  A guided meditation?  A talk with a friend who is empathic and gentle?  A run?  A yoga class?  You get my point.  Treat yourself to something nice because you need to look after you.  This body carries you through.  Treat the body well and the energy responds accordingly.

3)  Know that this too shall pass.

It sounds obvious to say, but you won't be stuck here forever.  However, that monkey mind would love to have you believe otherwise because it operates in Fear.  Give yourself a catch phrase or mantra to repeat to yourself when you find your mind-chatter turning to less than helpful beliefs and thoughts.  "I am safe."  "I am moving forward."  "I am stronger than this Fear."

4)  Try a healing on for size.

Moving stagnant old energy, releasing old patterns, viewing a story from a different lens, can all be helpful in getting you unstuck from a particular view point or spot.  There are a variety of healing techniques, from do-it-yourself to visiting a practitioner.  You can tackle it from the inside out, or you can manipulate your physical body for a chain reaction in affecting the energetic.

5)  Get clear on how you want to feel.

Sometimes we get really stuck in the agony of where we're at, and we forget that we have the power to shift that way of feeling.  It may not be instantaneous, and I don't suggest repressing what you do currently feel, but we are magical co-creators and we can manifest the space we move into, including our feelings.  So how do you want to feel?  Can you visualize what that may look like?  Can you imagine how it might feel in your body?  Is it expansive and open?  Light?  Warm?  

Let the vision of your desired feelings pull you through.  In your mind's eye, see the old version of where you are at, and move away from it and toward your desired feelings.

Trust that in time, this vision will unfold in reality.  It will happen in the way that it needs to, and in the timing that it needs to.  And you will have gained so much wisdom, insight, and love on the other side of it all!

What a courageous and brave being you are, choosing to keep going despite feeling afraid.  Courage and fear can and do exist simultaneously.  Breathe out.  Breathe in.  Feel that heartbeat.  You are still here and it will get better.

Sat Nam.

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