Antar Naad Mudra as a Full Moon Meditation

This is a sweet practice from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Use it as a means to open the main chakras, bringing the flow of prana up through your entire system.  It is said to bring power to your words, and ancient yogis were required to master it before any other mantra practice.

Weave together the etheric, subtle Infinite with the dense creative manifestation of the Earth.  

Remember Your Delicious Worth Yoga Nidra
This 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice is a useful tool in unwinding and releasing blocks preventing you from remembering your inherent worth.  Be re-inspired by your own power and creativity.

Your Roots and Mother Earth: a Guided Grounding Meditation
Use this meditation as a way to release stagnant energy no longer serving.  Be reinvigorated and supported by the power of our home planet, and come away with more focus, clarity, and stability.

Yoga Nidra for Self-Love
Be reminded of the potent healing that is self-love.  Come back to centre and release the fear you carry around truly accepting yourself as you are.

Forgiveness and Freedom: a Guided Meditation
Be guided to release the tension, resentment, and heavy energy you are carrying.  Come back to the Love and Light that you are and find the freedom in peace.

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