Where Next?
A Virtual Kundalini Yoga Series


Would it be a relief if I told you that you don't have to know all of the steps, you don't have to have all of the answers, you don't have to have the entire plan in front of you?  Babe, you don't have to be perfect?!  

Isn't that incredibly comforting?!

(What the f*&k is perfect anyhow?!)

Let's breathe our way through the rest of this winter and on toward Spring.  Let's release the need to manipulate our entire path and trust that if we drop into who we really are, we'll clear the way and each step will be illuminated.

This is a 6 week virtual series, with each class being available Live via Zoom as well as via a replay link.

We meet February 13th, February 20th, February 27th, March 6th, March 20th, and March 27th from 9:15 am -10:30 am EST.  Join in Live or practice at your own convenience.  Classes are accessible until the end of April.

You can join this series at any point between now and April 23rd 2018.  

Your $50 CAD purchase includes, from the date of purchase until April 30th 2018:

  • Access to all future Live-Streamed classes via Zoom 

  • Access to ALL 6 classes' playback links to be used as many times as you wish before the end of April

$40 CAD Early Bird Pricing (by February 11th)

$50 CAD Regular

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