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Divine One.

Are you lit right the f*ck up, or
are you struggling to get clear on your purpose in this life?

Are you overflowing with joy, creativity, gratitude and confidence?
Or are you stuck on a treadmill of doubt, fear, and overwhelm?

Do you have a history of self-loathing behaviour like depression or anxiety?

You aren’t alone.
I feel you, and I absolutely get it.

You CAN feel connected and unabashedly at peace with your purpose and your life.

No more of this, “One day…” or “If only…”
No more telling yourself that you’re
destined to live out
the same stressful or mundane patterns over and over.

The only thing standing between you and
that empowered place of peace
are your own limiting stories.

Just what are those stories, and how can you begin to let them go for good? Guess what, sweet soul? I can help you with that!

My name is Tera Sundri, and I am a story and limitation slaying Queen and Activating Priestess.

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Upcoming Special Events

%22Space and time are not conditions in which we live, they are modes in which we think.%22 -Albert Einstein.png

Thursday Night Kundalini Yoga with Tera Sundri

Enhance mental and emotional clarity, and deepen your connection to who you are.

Over the course of our life times, we inevitably construct and create a sense of self within the world. While identity is a practical construct, when one endeavours to E X P A N D as opposed to rigidly cling to who they believe they are, a sense of freedom and possibility arises.

Classes run on Thursday evenings 7 pm - 8 pm at
Lisa Naves Dance Company, 68 Pond Street, Simcoe ON.

More info here



For a limited (as yet undetermined time) I’m offering 30 minute private video call Readings.

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These sessions are a mix of channeled guidance and love, coaching, and space holding. Think of it as an opportunity to be fully acknowledged and seen, while gaining some clarity and a big boost of support in whatever your endeavours are. You’ll walk away with practical steps to take toward your future goals and dreams.

So much more than just a mediumship reading, my dharma is to be a conduit of the Universe’s neutrality, assisting you to see the brilliance and gold within.

more info here

How Do You REALLY Want to Feel, Gorgeous?

What’s stopping you?

We form karmic patterns, imprints and stories both unconsciously and consciously.
It’s not our fault, it’s simply the human condition.

Trauma is absorbed and held the body, keeping us from connecting
to our deepest truths and expressions.

You ARE a LIMITLESS BEING. Trauma may be a fact of life,
but you can leverage it to leap into the love
that is meant for you. I’ve been there, and I can help.

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It is an ancient practice and tradition that meets practical daily tools for releasing physical, emotional, and mental tensions.

But you don’t identify with being “athletic,” “bendy,” or “zen.” Or there’s no way you can shut your mind off, right?

Girlfriend, I promise you that the yogic way is so much more than a trendy exercise program consisting of tight pants and headstands or putting your feet behind your head.

That brilliant mind of yours is just waiting to serve that brilliant Heart, and I’m here to show you how.

Discover your innate peace, vitality, and the unexpected wisdom that comes with full embodiment and a willingness to be with your sweet, vulnerable self. I can help you find a practice that will be a balm for your wounds. The only pre-requisite is being able to breathe.


Divine Guidance
That is Your

I know you feel scattered, lost, and it
is impossible to articulate it in the worst
of times. In the midst of the heaviest pain,
the loneliness feels thick and palpable.

You are exhausted at the idea of reaching out,
let alone finding the words to express yourself.
Am I right, Sister?

What if I told you that you have the unseen support
of the most magical angels, and they’re waiting
to share their insight with you?

Your Guides can shed a light on your old patterns
and stories. With a little help, you can learn to feel
and know their Grace.


The Blog


The Podcast

Weekly episodes full of love and authenticity. For anyone who has ever felt not-enough.


Read on for raw, honest, vulnerable, insightful, enlightening shared food for thought.

I promise to be real with you, Girlfriend. Interconnection is my religion and soul food.


Let’s Connect

Join me on social media
and let’s rise together, my friend, inspiring community and healing.

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